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3 Types of Space Saving Clothes Hangers For Closets

Do you find yourself lacking space to hang your cloths in your closet or keep it nice and tidy? Then the solution for you short of getting another closet is to get some innovative, space saving clothes hangers like the ones found below. There are 3 types of space saving clothes hangers you can buy increase space and add more clothes or just keep your closet neat and tidy. They are;

1. Cascade type Cloth Hangers
2. Double Hang Closet Rod
3. Minimalistic normal cloth hangers

1. Cascade type Cloth Hangers

space saving hangers

2 Pack Hanger Cascader/ Wonder Hanger Platinum Edition

The cascade type clothes hanger allows you to hang several cloths in the space of a normal, single cloth hanger. For example, by using the Hanger Cascader Closet Solution you see in the picture here, you can hang six times the amount of shirts, skirts, pants and more in the space of a traditional single hanger. Simply hang it on your closetrod, hang clothes hangers on the allotted slots, and drop one end to maximize closet storage. You can use this type of hanger for belts and other accessories too.

A good Cascade type of cloth hanger I can recommend to you is the 2 pack Hanger Cascader Platinum edition hangers sold by Hampton Direct on It is the most sold item in’s Closet Storage & Organization Systems category. Manufactured using chrome steel this set of 2 cascade cloths hangers are quite strong and can handle even heavy winter clothing. The 150 or so customer reviews you can read on Amazon testifies to the product’s quality.

One customer named Syma says, “The item was shipped fast. It looks very steady and i managed to hang over 8 pairs of jeans on it. I originally bought it after i read reviews that the plastic version of the product, which is much cheaper, is not sturdy enough. After buying these, i was so pleased and i tried the plastic ones, 8 for $10 at Bed Bath and Beyond, and i have to say i was very pleased with them as well. So if you are looking to hang light clothes like shirts and tshirts, or even dresses, go for the plastic, you get much more value for your money. But for heavy items,jeans, pants coats and the like, the metal hanger is what you need, hence the 4 stars. Great invention, and very practical.”

You can checkout more about this and other similar products here.

2. Double Hang Closet Rod

closet doubler hanger

Organize It All Closet Doubler

The double hang closet rod is not exactly a cloth hanger but something similar. You can use them to double/expand the bar space in your closet. It’s less cluttering and neat to use this type of solution instead using a cascade type space saving hangers. The advantage of a double hang closet rods is that by using them, you can easily choose which clothes to wear and also easily take them out and put them back in.

But to use a double hang closet rod you need to have space in your closet. So I recommend you double check the measurements in your closet to make sure it will work for your clothes.

If you decide to buy a double hang closet rod a good product for you to checkout will be the Organize It All Closet Doubler in It is the 2nd best selling item in Closet Storage & Organization Systems product category. It has also got around 100 customer reviews with an overall 4 star rating which shows it is a good product.

3. Thin normal cloth hangers

plastic clothes hangersSometimes you just don’t need cascade style cloth hangers. Check the cloth hangers you use now. Maybe you have got those big plastic bulky hangers you find in big-box stores or those thick wire cloth hangers. If you look closely the popular but sturdy plastic tubular kind of hangers takes considerable space. Even thinner wire cloth hanger can be 3 times the diameter of a standard dry-cleaner hanger like the velvet hangers in this picture.

So you can replace your bulky cloth hangers with clean and minimalistic cloth hangers. This way you can get some space free to add a few more clothes into the closet without having to buy cascade style Space Save Clothes Hangers.


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