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2 Best Stainless Steel Bread Box Reviews

Whenever I go through stainless steel bread boxes I want to buy one. But there are so many models its hard to decide. But with only the best stainless steel bread box models list here it won’t be a problem anymore. These stainless steel bread boxes are eye candy. When I saw them I instantly they are winners and their description and online positive customer reviews reinforced my gut feeling. So I’m glad to write about these best bread boxes mad of stainless steel in this review post.

If you are new to my Reborn Homes blog I would like you to know that I have done an extensive study on different types of bread boxes and found that most people promote stainless steel bread boxes over the other kinds. So I analyzed various types of bread boxes made of stainless steel from different makers and have selected two top-rated ones for a comparison.

I want to give an honest opinion here, from my research into stainless steel bread boxes. These are the only stainless steel bread boxes I could find that had good durability. Almost all other products were condemned by a few customers.

So to give you the best I have reviewed the best.

ZUCCOR Fingerprint-Proof Stainless Steel Large Bread Box

I just like the idea of it being finger-print proof! That’s just so awesome! Keeping stainless steel clean is one of the hardest things, so this feature is very likely to save a lot of effort and time. Measuring 17.25″(wide) x 10.625″(deep) x 7.25″(high) this Zuccor bread box is quite large. It can hold more than 2 medium sized loaves of bread and would still have place for crackers and other eatables.

The roll-top of this bread box slides smoothly and the look and feel of the material proves that it is built sturdy and of high quality. A minor disadvantage that I found is that the front cover mainly consists of the roll-top and so the flat piece at the top is very small. So I guess you will be able to place only very small items on the flat top, like salt & pepper shakers. But I guess this would not be a concern, since we are looking for a bread box that keeps bread fresh and this bread box is sure to do that!

This product has got a very healthy star rating with all its online customers. They praise its functions, say its wonderfully made and a very spacious bread box for them. No fingerprints left when touched is another bonus they find with this box.

So for a ‘clean and neat’ conscious person like me this would be just the perfect product! You can get this at Amazon now!

Kuchenprofi Roll-Top Bread Box

The Kuchenprofi Bread box is a sleek and stylish bread box measuring 15-inch by 10.8-inch by 6-inch. It boasts of high quality since it is made by a German brand. The opening/closing movement is fluid, the finish is a polished, 18/10 stainless steel that customers claim have a mirror like finish making it easy to clean. There are two rubber stops where the bottom lid rests and rubber feet on the four corners of the unit to keep it stable and to prevent it scratching the counter. It also has a silent roll-top front design. This is likely to last a lifetime and do its job of keeping bread fresh for long because of its high quality make

A really beautiful work of art, this product works smoothly and has medium capacity. It can hold 2 medium sized loaves of bread and a one or two other small items. Unlike most bread boxes listed in Amazon where at least one customer complains, all customers of this product praise it and state that is is sure worth the money.

An awesome product for quality lovers, reading about this product makes me want to buy it. Seems to be the best out of the lot for those looking for medium capacity and not large capacity. You can click here to read more or buy this wonderful, one of a kind product.

Finally, I have heard many say stainless steel boxes are more durable, easier to clean, the sealing techniques are better able to prevent insects from entering the box. However during my study I found many bread boxes made of wood that were able to overcome these issues. If you are interested in finding out about some good wooden bread boxes I recommend you to read my article: 5 Stylish Wooden Bread Box Reviews To Help You Make The Right Choice.

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    I like this silver color Zuccor bread box better than the red coated steel Zuccor bread box in your other review. This one blends well with most kitchen and pantry decor so will be more suitable I think.

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