4 Best Bamboo Dish Rack Reviews To Help You Buy The Best

Dish Racks are a must have in any kitchen. To organize the kitchen and enhance it! I admire dish racks made of bamboo for their wood work, craftsmanship, build and beauty. Here, I have reviewed of some of the best bamboo dish racks found in the market today. In this review I’m going to point out the advantages and limitations of 4 different bamboo dish racks, to help you make the best choice.

Best Bamboo Dish Rack Reviews

Totally Bamboo Eco Dish Rack

This 2 tier dish rack is designed to hold an extra large capacity of dishes and can also be folded flat when not in use. Measuring 17-1/2 by 19-3/4 by 9-1/4-inches it is made of durable, attractive, organically grown bamboo which is naturally anti-microbial.

It features 2 side racks for glasses, pots and pans or large utensils. On the down side this dish rack it does not have a tray to hold the water that drips from plates, which could make your counter top a bit messy. However you can save your self the mess by purchasing a drying mat along with this.

A few customers complain that the screws are not fixed properly and state that they managed to fix it themselves. Let this not discourage you because if you think you can’t do it you could always return it for a new one! You can so many good reviews and praise from so many customers who bought this on places like Amazon.

Are you ready to enhance your counter top with this beauty? You can get it from Amazon now.

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Lipper International Bamboo Plate Rack/Pot Lid Holder

Quite a small product with a lower price tag, this dish rack made of bamboo comes in its natural color and can be used to hold both plates and pot lids. This product is 15.2″ in length with eight slots for plates.

However if you intend to use this rack as a pot lid holder you should remember that the handles take up space. Expect to use every other slot for this situation. If you intend to use plates greater than an inch and a quarter in depth you will find that the plates do not lean back properly; they fall forward, touching the neighboring plate.

Get this dish rack for a discounted price at Amazon now and keep your kitchen organized and beautiful.

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Bamboo Folding Dishrack

Constructed from Eco-friendly bamboo, this product is sturdy built and measures 17.75” H x 13.5” W x 1.63” D. This is good for those of us who have a virtual fight with space. You can use it on your counter top and when your done with it you can fold it flat and put it away!

It is a beautiful piece of decor that is recommended to hold your flatware along with some cups without tipping over. It has 2 tiers making it quite spacious to hold several plates and cups.

The disadvantage with this rack is that it doesn’t hold water and could spill the water on your counter top. To avoid this problem you might want to purchase a drying mat along with this. If this is the right bamboo rack for you, get it now for a discounted price from Amazon

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Better Housewares DrainFOREST Bamboo Dish Rack/Drainer

bamboo dish rack

This is a graceful and versatile bamboo dish drying rack from Better Housewares. Comes in compack shape to fit your kitchen coutertop. It is 19 inches long by 5 inches wide and bit more than 3 inches high. It’s a perforated flatware holder with deep drainage grooves. The open and long design allows easy stacking and drying plates, pans, cups and many other kitchen utensils. Made from stainless steel and bamboo.

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Simplehuman Bamboo Frame Dish rack with Bamboo Knife Block

Update: Unfortunately this great and very popular Simplehuman bamboo dish rack is no longer available. It seems for some unknown reason Simplehuman has stopped this dish rack sales. They are now promoting a stainless steel version of this dish rack with a bamboo knife block. Curiously that it is also very popular and has become a best selling stainless steel dish rack in the market today. You can checkout Simplehuman Steel Frame Dish Rack with a natural bamboo knife block here.

An amazing large capacity dish rack with an innovative drainage system to solve all the issues you face with water flowing to the counter top. The drainage system makes sure the water drains into the sink and not the counter top. If your willing to invest a few more bucks to get the right product then I advise you to buy this for a high quality, long lasting product.

Made of natural bamboo sealed with a durable waterproof coating it has adjustable tines that flip up and support small plates. You can leave the tines flat for larger items like pots and pans. You can also slide the cup holders along the frame to store cups in the most convenient spot.

The spout can be swiveled to three different sides, the utensil holder can be at either end, the knife block can be in either side of the utensil holder and the glass holders can be repositioned. The knife holder is made of bamboo and has slots for different knife sizes. It can also be removed to hold more utensils.

It comes with a 5 year warranty and though it is expensive I really think that you get what your paying for in terms of attractiveness, quality, convenience and durability! From all the products I have reviewed here this is simply the best! because it always seems to be out of stock due to its popularity!

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If your still not sure if wood is what you want check out my article on stainless steel dish racks.

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