Stylisth Verdana Vessel Sink 48 Inch Wooden Bathroom Vanity Review

Wood is a perfect way to bring nature into the house. Have you ever tried changing your modern furniture with wood? I have and I know it really adds to a beautiful atmosphere. A 48 inch bathroom vanity designed using wood is definitely going to make a HUGE change in your bathroom.

Today will be reviewing this really nice looking this stylisth Verdana Vessel Sink 48 Inch wooden bathroom vanity with a creatively designed vessel sink. I just LOVE it!

48 inch bathroom vanity

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The Verdana 48 inch Wooden Bathroom Vanity with a Single Sink


Why should you buy this vanity? What is it’s specialty? So here are some things that you need to now about this 48 inch bathroom vanity:

  • It has a solid wood construction. It is durable and fit for every day use.
  • The vanity measures: 48 x 22 x 33.5”H
  • Features an exotically designed counter top that’s honey colored.
  • Includes a faucet with a chrome finish.
  • The sink is a glass bowl of wood.
  • Has 6 drawers and one middle cupboard with 2 doors.
  • The finish is dark brown.

More details on the Features Please!

Ok here you go. The counter top of the vanity is not granite but is made of cultured marble. This is definitely going to bring that GRANITE LOOK and also save you some valuable dollars! The high durability of the counter top is guaranteed.

48 inch vanity sinkI just LOVE that beautiful sink. It is made of glass but that beautiful and elegant wood pattern on it is really going to make you say WOW! The faucet with the chrome finish works perfectly with this glass bowl. But there are some customers who did not agree with the chrome finish. What do you think would a bronze colored faucet work better?

You have AMPLE STORAGE space, the double door cupboard in the middle gives you space to store you linens, towels etc. The cupboard has 2 shelves. The 6 drawers can then be used for other smaller items.

What’s Look? Where would it fit?

This 48 inch bathroom vanity would work perfectly in modern and contemporary bathrooms. I think it would also work perfect if you have a bathroom with more wood furniture.

All customers on amazon who purchased this vanity agree on one thing and that is – The vanity is INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL. It really is a UNIQUE PIECE of furniture that is going to make people wonder where you got it from. So be prepared for tons of compliments!

How’s the customer service?

In an online purchase where a HUGE amount of money is involves the customer service is of GREAT importance. From the customer experiences this is what I can tell you – The customer service is just EXCELLENT. The customer service representatives and managers are extremely HELPFUL. E-mail correspondence is great. The delivery is ON TIME!

48inch single sink bathroom vanity

I Want to GET IT now!

If you have made your choice and are ready to make a desired change in your bathroom then purchase this vanity from amazon.

If you are looking for a 48″ bathroom vanity cabinet with double sinks then read my review about another great WOOD product! Leave your comments below and let me know your choice!

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