4 Top Free Standing Tall Bathroom Cabinet Reviews

The importance of bathroom cabinets is great when it comes to keeping the bathroom organized. Free standing tall bathroom cabinets provide sufficient space to keep all toiletries organized. Corner bathroom cabinets and vanities are used for the same purposes but do not offer the same amount of storage space. Here are some of the best free standing tall bathroom cabinets reviews.

1. Double Tall Bathroom Cabinet

tall bathroom cabinetsA product of home decorators collection this cabinet provides plenty of space to store your linens and bath essentials. The main features of these tall storage cabinets are there 4 Wood doors and 2 wood doors with frosted glass.

Measuring 72″H x 25″W x 14″D this cabinet comes with easy-to-follow instructions to ensure easy assembly. This bathroom cabinet is durably crafted to last for years and coated in a smooth finish.

Since it is made of wood this cabinet is sure to bring a touch of elegance to almost any bathroom decor!

Buy Now and save some valued space with a touch of elegance.

2. Narrow And Tall Oak Bathroom Cabinet

narrow tall storage cabinetsMeasuring W:18 7/8″ (47.8cm) D:17″ (43.2cm) H:71 1/8″ (180.8cm) this elegant cabinet comes with a Dakota Oak finish. Its got a beautiful look, durability and a space saving design.

The main advantage of this cabinet is that it comes with a recycle bin. This can be used as a trash can holder or a laundry hamper. The narrow storage cabinet features two adjustable shelves, framed panel doors and adjustable base levelers. Now I’m not gonna say that the assembly of this product takes only 15 minutes. There are lots of bolts, screws, hinges etc as they all do different jobs. But if you take your time, read and follow the instructions, you will have zero problems.

Buy this sturdy, well-built cabinet now. See how well this all in one cabinet works for you!

 3. Hampton Tall Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet

hampton tall bathroom cabinetAn elegant white cabinet is what this storage cabinet is. Measuring 52.5″H x 25″W x 14″D this cabinet features 2 glass paneled door, one large drawer and 2 large wooden doors at the bottom.

It is not as big as it looks in the picture but is sure worth the money. You will need to read the instructions properly and act on it to get it assembled perfectly. Well it not a perfectly easy assembly there are many pieces to put together and the instructions are not exactly user-friendly. So in case this is your first time with assembly you might need help.

The white is beautiful, however some customers find it a bit too bright. A sturdy cabinet that you can expect to use for years. The cleaning is easy especially when removing the stains.

This cabinet will not only act as a space saver and organizer in your bathroom, But will certainly enhance it! Buy Now if White is your choice!

 4. Tall Tower Bathroom Cabinet

tower tall bathroom cabinets(Update: This cabinet is no longer available.)

This tall tower cabinet fits perfectly in a space constrained bathroom. It measures a slim: 60¾”H x 15¾”W x 11¾”D. This tower cabinet features three open top shelves for easy access and a single bottom door that opens to three inside shelves perfect for all of your bath accessories.

A really TALL tower this is for sure. Constructed of durable low-emission engineered wood with recessed panels, a wipe-clean white finish, chrome-finish hardware this will bring elegance to your bathroom.

It is perfect for those with a small space. You will sure be able to fit everything you need. There are three more shelves behind the door which is nice, and having the door there is great because you can put the random stuff in there that you don’t want people to see all the time so it stays nicely hidden.

Assembly might require help if its your first time! The elegance, sturdiness and value of the product is definitely worth the price. Is this TALL cabinet your choice?

5. Linen Tower Tall Bathroom Cabinets

zenith cabinetA product of Zenith this cabinet measures 12-3/4-Inch wide by 48-Inch high by 10-1/4-Inch deep. A modern designed wood furniture with an Espresso chrome finish. This attractive cabinet is constructed of engineered wood designed to withstand the humid bath environment.

The instructions to assemble this cabinet is precise which makes it very EASY to assemble. It takes about 1 1/2 – 2 hours to together. The parts fit together accurately with no issues. Each piece has a little sticker on it with it’s part number (all stickers are on the back side of piece so doesn’t show when put together). Also, there’s a picture of each screw or connector in the directions, and the different sizes are all in their own little baggies, which have the part letter on the bag. Really, I don’t think they could have made it any easier to put this together.

It would suit your taste if you prefer a darker finish. The knobs on the doors are really adorable. This cabinet features 3 shelves behind is wooden door. 2 of which are adjustable. So you can adjust to fit whatever you want to store in them, plus there’s a drawer!

An awesome space-saver appreciated by almost all customers. You can  buy this here on Amazon.

Hope you found my reviews about the top free Standing Tall Bathroom Cabinet in the market today helpful.

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