A Beautiful Red Zuccor Bread Box That I Love

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My favorite color being red, this red Zuccor bread box immediately caught my eyes. With a 5 star rating I think this is one product you should buy if you are looking for a quality and beautiful bread box! I just love the look of it!

ZUCCOR Fingerprint-Proof Powder Coated Steel Bread Box

Measuring 17.25″(long) x 10.625″(wide) x 7.25″(high) this bread box is designed to hold 2 large loaves of bread and maybe a few other cookies, buns and pastry items. This beauty also has a flat top which means, you can have items placed on top of it. It is a stylish bread box, with a beautiful bright red color coating, if you have red decor in your room or could do with a focus point this product is just perfect!

This bread box has a smooth door action, no dents/dings/imperfections. It really is fingerprint-proof. Better still it helps to de-clutter the counter top and keep it organized! I just love this bread box.

This red bread box can make a breath-taking change while keeping your kitchen and pantry well-organized. So are you ready to add this beauty to your counter top? Then to avoid disappointments order at Amazon now! This is a fast selling product that goes out of stock soon.

P.S. Some may not like red or its my be too bright for your style. Then you might like to checkout my reviews about some good stainless steel bread boxes and wooden bread boxes I’ve written before. Additionally my article about different bread box types can also help you in selecting a perfect box.

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Red Zuccor Bread Box That I Love”

  1. I like this bread box too. Looks like it has lot of space inside. But the color is the only problem for me. Have they got any other colors with the same bread box design?

  2. Oh, I just went to your stainless steel bread box review saw that this Zuccor bread box comes in silver color too. You could have mentioned it no…

    1. Oh ya I’m sorry about that. You get the stainless steel colored box as you said in my stainless steel bread boxes review! Thanks for the comments. In my next article I’ll make sure I do the appropriate linking! :)

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