Beautiful Belle Foret Dark Oak Corner Bathroom Vanity Review

I have fallen in love with this beautiful Belle Foret Dark Oak corner bathroom vanity. Its an elegant vanity with a wooden finish that will look perfect in a dining room with a matching decor. Its also great for small bathrooms. Having a small bathroom does not mean that you cannot have a vanity. If you have a small bathroom I advise you to choose a corner bathroom vanity like this that will be space saving and beautiful.

corner bathroom vanity
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Let me tell share some details about a beautiful Belle Foret wooden corner bathroom vanity. Why did I choose to talk about a wood vanity? Well that’s because vanities made of wood look elegant and beautiful. They bring a touch of nature into the bathroom and in most cases wood vanities are more durable!

The Single Basin Corner Bathroom Vanity

Let me tell you about this exotic looking corner bathroom vanity. I’ll start off with the features.


  • The corner bathroom vanity measures: 35-Inch W by 27-Inch D by 34-Inch H.
  • Made of Dark Oak.
  • The counter top is made of black granite.
  • Includes 1 undermount basin. Made of white porcelain.
  • Includes 1 faucet with a chrome finish.
  • One middle cupboard with 2 doors. It opens to a storage compartment.

Let Me tell you more

This corner bathroom vanity would work perfect in many different types of bathrooms. Contemporary styled baths, baths with wood furniture and even antique styled bathrooms. So what effect does this corner bathroom vanity have? The wood texture is going to bring a feeling of warmth into your bathroom.

The richness of the wood along with the granite is going to bring a feeling of luxury into your small bathroom. The single cabinet in the middle is going to provide ample storage space for whatever you want to store! It has been skillfully designed to ensure that you have the maximum space availability. Isn’t that just great? The handles of the cabinet doors are made of brass so that gives this corner bathroom vanity an ‘Antique’ look.

corner bathroom vanity

Durability of Corner Bathroom Vanity

This is definitely a sturdy and durable vanity. By looking at it you know that it has been designed for long term use. It has been constructed using high quality materials so that there will be NO COMPROMISE on quality.

Is it going to cost a fortune?

This is an expensive high end corner bathroom vanity. It can unaffordable to most of us if we try purchase at a physical store or at a national site. Buy in online retail sites like amazon you can sometimes buy it with a significant discount on manufacturers listed price. It’s a great corner bathroom vanity unit to make a luxury change in your bathroom.

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