Best Bread Box Reviews – What Is The Best Bread Keeper Type For Me?

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bread keeper boarThe best bread box models that I have mentioned here where picked due to their type of bread keeper, build and design characteristics, popularity, high rating and positive feedback from users. I hope that these best bread box reviews will help you find the best bread keeper that will make your life easy and enjoyable.

I know how it feels to be a working woman while having to take care of the household chores!! Deciding on meals and getting them ready is sometimes just too exhausting!!! Yet, we need to do it and the easiest solution – bread.

Bread is what most of us consume in our daily meals. But grocery shopping or daily bread baking would be just unbearable in our jam-packed schedule. Keeping bread fresh for about 4 to 5 days is something we really need, to steal some time for rest. Researching through various types of bread containers, a good solution that I came across was the bread box!! It does not allow the formation of mold and helps in keeping the bread fresh, longer.

So here is what I found out about the various types of bread boxes as well as the best bread keeper for each type.

Types of Best Bread Boxes

  • Steel Bread Boxes
  • Roll-top Bread Boxes
  • Adjustable Bread Boxes

The Brabantia Brilliant Steel Bread Box

brabantia steel bread boxThe Brabantia fall front bread box is ideal for those with space challenged kitchens. It comes with a flat stainless steel finished top that allows you to store items on top of it , and has a capacity to hold 2 large loaves of bread and other items like pastries and rolls together. This is perfect for a big family where you might need to store more than 1 loaf of bread.

The magnetic seal on the lid ensures that the lid is tightly closed, keeping your bread fresh for longer that you could expect. A customer at amazon states that this box can keep the bread mold-less for more than 2 weeks! That’s amazing in comparison to other bread boxes.

However few customers complain that though it does its job perfectly, the light weight and look do not suit the price! But I guess that would not be an issue to many of us if it serves its purpose and saves space!

This is expensive in comparison to the adjustable bread box. I think it is best for you if you are looking to store more than two loaves of bread, keep it fresh, save space and look beautiful in your counter top.

Find more details and order this product now if it fits what you are looking for!

Large Roll Top Wooden Bread Box

wooden bread boxOne of the best and beautiful wooden bread boxes that I found on Amazon was the Mountain Woods Large Acacia Roll Top Bread Box. This bread box can hold up to two loaves of bread and a few other small bakery products. I think it is a high quality bread box that works great with both modern and classic designed kitchens.

The roll top works well and smoothly but if you find it getting harder to open you need not panic! All you need to do is get a bottle of mineral/vegetable oil and apply  once a month to the entire box and use a q-tip to get the oil into the grooves where the slats slide and you will find it operates a lot better. I also recommend a quick wipe with mineral or vegetable oil monthly to enhance and maintain its beauty.

The flat top of the bread box allows us to keep other items on top of it and save storage space!

However this bread box may not be able to store the bread as long as the stainless steel bread box.  This is the best bread box for you, if you are looking for something that looks more luxurious than its price and does a decent job. Click here to get more details or buy this bread keeper now!

The Adjustable Bread Keeper from Progressive International

break keeper boxAn innovative product and one of the best bread boxes in the market. Manufactured by Progressive International, this bread keeper adjusts according to the size of your bread and expands up to 11 inches maximum. You can easily place a 2lb bread into this! This bread keeper has an air vent that can be adjusted and allows just the right amount air needed to keep the bread fresh. You can completely close it 100% if you want to but the humidity balance will allow the bread to last longer.

Made of polyethylene/polystyrene/TPE this bread keeper box is dishwasher safe and comes with a cutting board for convenient slicing. You can use this keeper not only to store bread. You can store muffins, pastries, rolls, cookies and much more.

Most customers in amazon state the product works well and looks very beautiful. So if you need a product that looks beautiful, works perfect and can hold various bread sizes, then this is the best bread box for you. It’s an inexpensive bread keeper box that can be purchased now on Amazon.

This would be the best bread keeper if you are looking for a reasonably priced one that is decently durable and does its job perfectly.

6 thoughts on “Best Bread Box Reviews – What Is The Best Bread Keeper Type For Me?”

  1. Bread boxes are new to me. Through this article I was able to learn about the different kinds of bread boxes available today. Thank you for enlightening me.

    I have a question for you. In our homes I have seen my mother and relatives put away the left over bread into the fridge wrapped in shopping bags or they just put it in shopping bags and tighten it air tight like and keep it under a plastic food cover. Is that a good practice?

    1. Hello Malik,

      The fridge is not a good option because keeping bread in the fridge would make it dry, making the bread loose its freshness even if it is in an airtight shopping bag. It would also make the bread go stale faster than when the bread is left in room temperature.

      However leaving it in a freezer is a better option than the fridge.

      But the bread box is the best option as it would help to keep the bread fresh for long and also de-clutter your fridge and counter top.

    2. Thanks I will tell my people this. And thanks for the detailed reviews about Bread boxes. I didn’t know there was so much to learn about them or there was so many kinds of boxes for keeping breads. Seems like the simple bread containers have become a big mature niche market

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