6 Best High Pressure Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

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If you are looking for the best high pressure shower head for low water pressure checkout this handpicked best high pressure shower heads that increase water pressure and good for even very low water flow situations. This comprehensive review guide will give you an idea on which high pressure shower head you’ll want to move forward with in the future.

Since there are several good options, you can select whether you want to buy a hi-tech shower head or get something rather simple and inexpensive. The price of these best high pressure shower heads range as low as twenty dollars to over hundred. The price difference is mainly due to the construction material, brand quality and finish.

Of course, you need to be sure that you are purchasing the best high pressure shower head that meets your needs and wants. The additional information here will help you do exactly that. Specially our buying guide below will help you decide which of these top-rated high pressure shower head reviews is best for you. You would want to select wisely between their benefits and shortcomings.

Best High Pressure Shower Heads Comparison Table

 NameShower ExperienceMaterialFinishPrice
Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head2/2.5 gpm, Wide range of powerful, adjustable spray patterns. BrassPolished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Polished Nickel
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High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head1.5 gpm, focused, powerful drenching spray MetalPolished Chrome, transparent ABS plastic splash guard included
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Speakman S-2253 Classic High Pressure Adjustable Low Flow Shower Head1.5/1.75/2.0/2.5 gpm, Wide range of powerful, adjustable spray patterns. Brass and plasticPolished Chrome
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Delta Faucet 2-Spray H2Okinetic Shower Head,2.5 gpm, powerful unique wave shower patternPlasticChrome
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WantBa High Pressure Rain Shower Head2.5 gpm high pressure rainfall shower PlasticChrome
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Vida Alegria 5-Inch High Pressure Shower Head2.5 gpm, 5 spray modesPlasticChrome
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Top High Pressure Shower Head Reviews

Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Showerhead

Speakman S2252 Icon Anystream is our choice for the best high pressure shower head award. Built with solid brass and patented technology, it is very high in quality and performance. Many luxury hotel chains worldwide use this model.

Built with brass, this shower head is heavy, durable and works well even with low water pressure. It is also a great hot water shower head, that retains heat well and makes your skin feel wonderful.

The shower has six adjustable jets with 48 spray holes between them, to create the powerful, high pressure water streams using a patented Plunger system. The jets and spray holes are strategically positioned and combine to form different spray patterns. By rotating a handle in any direction, you can change between a diverse array of spray patterns till you find your favorite. The intense spray is powerful and sensual. Rain shower is gentle and heavy, good for a soothing escape. Perfect for relaxing after a long day is the flood setting, which is a drenching barrage of thick sprays, that spreads and pounds against your skin.

This high pressure Speakman shower head comes in four finishes, polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and polished brass, to coordinate with nearly every bathroom style and decor. The S2252 Speakman shower head in available in two flow rates. The standard 2.5 gpm model is more popular but uses more water. The 2 gpm head is more efficient and has the government EPA WaterSense certification.

With self-cleaning nozzles, this shower unit is easy to maintain and comes with a lifetime warranty for the purchaser. Speakman are in plumbing business since 1869. They seem to successfully infused 150 years of experience behind their current product line and created some great shower heads. This is a wall mounted shower head. If you need a shower arm, you can also order a Speakman shower arm along with this.

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High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Pressure Low Flow Shower Head

Don’t let the 1.5 GPM label keep you from trying the High Sierra high pressure shower head. This shower head is new and packed with wonders. Made in USA with patented, latest technology, it gives a powerful drenching spray as good or sometimes even better than many standard 2.5 gpm high pressure shower heads. As we are used to taking showers with more water than needed, for some people it takes time to get used to this low flow shower head experience.

This small dynamite uses 40% less water than others. That means you will save thousands of gallons of water each year, not to mention the water and heating costs. It also doesn’t mix air to increase the pressure and cool the hot water in the process, like some shower heads do. So it is very good at keeping hot water hot and still give you a forceful, high pressure shower.

The High Sierra shower head is very small. It measures just 2.5 x 1 x 1 inches. You can literally hide it in your palm. But built with solid metal. It is quite heavy and feels like a small, hard rock. When you hold it, you know its built to last. The shower has a polished chrome finish. It comes with a transparent ABS plastic splash guard which is available in many colors to match any decor.  The splash guard helps create a perfect spray diameter that focuses and helps your showering experience.

The price of it is a bargain for a shower head made in USA with patented, state-of-the-art technology. Not to mention, the solid build which can last a generation. Its one of the best shower head for low water pressure and low flow situations. This is also a Government EPA certified WaterSense shower head for high efficiency and low water use.

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Delta Faucet 75152 High Efficiency Shower Head

Delta Faucet 75152 is the most popular high pressure shower head for low water pressure on Amazon. The secret of its success lies in the hi-tech engineering inside the shower head. It features a patented technology called H2Okinetic, which delivers a powerful and unique wave pattern of high pressure water using 36% less water than other standard shower heads.

The shower head has four large spray holes and two water flow settings. The flow rate can be adjusted to either 1.85 or 2.5 gallons per minute with a flow control lever. If you have low pressure or low water flow issues, you can use this as a low flow shower head with the 1.85 gpm setting. It is certainly one of the best shower head for low pressure.

The H2Okinetic amplifying technology adds air to the water and creates larger water droplets, making even the 1.85 gpm low-flow spray feel like a tradition flow from other shower heads. H2Okinetic meets the EPA’s stringent WaterSense criteria given to only high-efficiency showerheads.

Its contemporary design and crisp Chrome finish is equally impressive and blends well with most bathroom styles. It is also user-friendly with a swivel ball assembly which allows the head a 360 degree head rotation. It is built with durable plastic and has a metal ball connector to prevent leaks and cracks, making it even more durable. Spray holes are easy to clean and don’t clog up. These things make the Delta 75152 one of the best shower head to increase water pressure.

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WantBa 6 Inches High Pressure Rain Shower Head

The WantBa high pressure rain shower head is one of the best-selling fixed shower heads in the market today. It gives a rain style showering experience with a good water massage feel. The shower pressure is powerful but not uncomfortable to the degree where you feel like being beaten. With its bigger 6 inch shower head, you are able to cover more of your body.

This shower head is lightweight and made of high-grade ABS plastics, the same grade used in hotel fittings. The head is coated with a chrome finish and the nozzles are rubber which cleanup easily. You can also completely disassemble the shower head into parts and clean the inside, which is good option to have.

The 2.5 GPM water flow regulator comes separately in the packaging, as a small plastic circular peg. You have the option to use it or not. If you have normal water pressure you should add this water flow regulator. You will still enjoy high water pressure shower and will save water and utility bill costs. But if you have low-pressure issues, then using without it as a high flow shower head will give you a more powerful rain spray.

The shower head has a metal swivel ball which allows you to adjust the showerhead angle and direct it where you like. Installing this shower unit is easy. It fits the standard U.S.plumbing connections and shower arms. So you simply unscrew your old shower head and screw this WantBa in place.

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Vida Alegria Spashower 2.5 GPM High Pressure Showerhead

This 5-inch Spashower with 5 spray modes is another commendable high flow shower head. It’s a products of Vida Alegría, a supplier of luxury home and spa products. This showerhead gives great water pressure under normal conditions, but if you have low water pressure issues at your place, you can remove the 2.5 gpm water flow restrictor located within it and get more power.

The best features of this shower head is its five spray modes. You can dial it with one hand and get a fully drenching rain shower, a relaxing rinse spray, or a high pressure pulsating massage, or two more mix spray modes. There is also an extra mode with a drizzle, to save water while you soap and shampoo.

The shower head has a chrome polished nickel finish with a ABS plastic shower face. The shower face is easy to clean and doesn’t leave dirty with marks like in chrome-faced models. To stop any leak or cracking overtime, the shower connector, which you screw onto your shower pipe, is made of solid brass. This mix of chrome, brass and plastic is thoughtful and the showerhead more durable and versatile than a fully plastic or fully metal plated shower head. It also comes with a 3 year warranty and step-by-step instructions for installation. Vida Alegria also a variation of this model as a handheld high pressure shower head.

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How To Solve Shower Head Low Water Pressure Issues?

You might be having low water pressure in your shower head due to different reasons. Don’t worry, we can help you narrow down and find it. And then if its due a bad shower head then our article here can help you get a powerful shower head that can give you very satisfying shower experience. Low shower water pressure can be cause due to these reasons:

  • Low pressure in your water supply source (from municipal or overhead tank or well water supply)
  • An issue in your plumbing. (In a block or leak in the pipes within your house or property)
  • An issue or block in your shower valve (a clog or breakage in shower valve or rough in valve etc.)
  • An issue in your shower head

Do you have low pressure water in your entire house? If so the reason is either low pressure in your water supply or a plumbing issue within your property. We recommend you to consult a professional plumber and get their advice.

If the issue is with your water supply and can’t be corrected, one of the low flow shower heads that increase water pressure might give you a satisfying showering experience. You can try something like the 1.5 gpm High Sierra or Speakman S2253 shower head for low water flow.

If you have good water pressure even in your bathroom sink or toilet pipe but not in the shower then the problem is either your shower head or shower valve. To check whether it’s the shower head or shower pipe, unscrew and remove your shower head from the shower pipe and open your shower valve fully.

If the water pressure is still low then you have an issue in your shower valve that needs fixing. If water pressure is good in the shower pipe without the head, then your shower head has a problem.

Try cleaning your showerhead and see if it solves the low pressure issue. If not, you might have to get a new shower head. Read our buying guide to high pressure shower heads below. It will help you decide, depending on your circumstances, which high pressure shower head is best for you.

What Is a High Pressure Shower Head?

High pressure shower heads can take in water at normal or low flow pressure, and pump it out with a high water pressure . These types of shower heads are life savers for houses and apartments that face low water pressure issues. But high pressure showers are useful and enjoyable even if you don’t have low water pressure problems. When high pressure water jets beat into your tired body muscles, they give a massaging sensation, make you relax and enjoy.

With shower heads with high pressure flows you can take baths quicker than a normal shower head allowing you to save water and even heating cost. It is helps wash away soap and shampoo from your body and hair quickly. Many new high pressure shower heads use a lesser water flow rate than other types of shower heads. So they not only help low pressure but can help you save water, reduce utility bills and feel good about using a more environmentally friendly product. With the best high pressure shower units, you get the best of both worlds. It’s a win-win situation.

How Does A High Pressure Shower Head Work?

shower head diagram
Diagram of how a pressure chamber mixes air and water to create powerful high pressure water streams

High pressure shower heads for sale in the United States mainly use two different shower design techniques to increase the shower water pressure. Some shower heads make water go through adjustable spray settings with smaller and fewer holes. When water is forced through smaller and fewer holes, it gets compressed and results in a higher pressure outflow. The other high power shower technique is to build a, “pressure chamber” inside the showerhead. These chambers are designed to increase the water pressure by mixing it with air and resistance and let the water out at a higher pressure.

Some people think high water pressure shower heads use more water to get the high pressure water flow. However the maximum water flow a shower head sold in the U.S. can have is limited to 2.5 gpm or Gallons of water Per Minute. (A shower head’s maximum water pressure is limited to 80 PSI or Pounds per Square Inch). These regulations applies to all showerheads including high water pressure shower heads. So, high pressure shower head doesn’t mean it uses more water to get the higher shower pressure. Instead they use a water pressurizing shower design technique like we saw.

Manufacturers use a variation of one of these techniques in almost all high pressure shower products, including in high pressure handheld shower heads and high pressure shower panels.

Advantages of Shower Heads with High Water Pressure Sprays

Most often we choose to install high pressure showerheads for less water pressure places or to feel and enjoy its power while in the shower. But there are many more benefits of high water pressure shower heads. Here are few of them to consider;

  • Fast & Easy Washing

    The high pressure showers allows you to wash and rinse away soap, shampoo, and dirt faster and easier than any other type of shower head. Women love it, more than men, as the shower head’s high pressure streams, rinse shampoos and conditioners from long hair faster and more thoroughly. The hot pressurized shower spray can penetrate your skin deeper than a normal shower head and remove dirt and dead cells. They make you much cleaner as well as feel cleaner.

  • Shower With a Lite Body Massage

    For most people, the shower water pressure is directly related to the level of pleasure they get from a shower. High pressure hot showers provide great massage therapy on tired body muscles, helping you relax at the end of a hard day’s work. The hotter showers with thick, high pressure water streams allows you to feel more heat. Not to forget waking up with amazing, hot high pressure shower on a cold winter morning.

  • Less Water

    With a high pressured shower head, you use less water to get the same pressure and feeling, compared to a normal standard shower head. The simple fact that these showerheads let you rinse soap and shampoo from your hair and body faster, saves water. Couple to that, some of the best high pressure shower heads we saw in the reviews, have a lower GPM flow rate than the normal 2.5 gpm showerheads. That helps you save even more water. The government is also encouraging this trend for more efficient shower head with the EPA WaterSense standard and certifications

  • Save Time And Utility Costs

    The fact that they allow you to have quicker showers by cleaning off soaps and dirt faster, will save you time and utility costs for water and heating.

How To Choose Best High Pressure Showerhead for You?

As you see in the high pressure shower reviews there are several great shower heads. But when you have low water flow issues or low water pressure issues its important to consider some factors. These factors are discussed below. They will help you find the a high pressure shower head is most suitable for your situation, capable of providing you with a comfortable and powerful water flow.

  • Check Flow Rate of Your Shower Pipe And Showerhead

    Water flow rate and water pressure are two different things. When you buy high pressure showerheads for low water pressure, it is important to check and verify your shower flow rate. Shower heads improve low water pressure but they can’t improve the low water flow rate. If your shower pipe’s flow rate is more than 2.5 gallons per minute (9.5 Liter’s per minute) any top rated high pressure shower heads reviewed here will give you high pressure spray as advertised.

    But if your shower pipe flow rate is less than 2.5 gpm, then get a high pressure shower head that can work with your flow rate. Even with a very low flow rate like 1.5 gpm you can get a high pressure low flow shower head like the 1.5 gpm High Sierra showerhead. Usually home pipelines have a water flow rate of around 5 to 10 gpm. If your pipe has a very low flow rate, check our section about how to fix Shower Head Low Water Pressure Issues.  It explains ways of how to solve and increase your shower water flow rate.

  • Showerhead Material

    You don’t want to buy shower heads very often. So make sure your high pressure showerhead is built with high quality material and has a good finish. The material used to build the showerhead can define its durability. Most shower heads today are built with brass, copper, steel or plastic. They may also be coated in one or more popular finish styles like chrome, nickel and brass. Brass shower heads are best as it’s a strong metal that doesn’t wear and break like plastic or corrode and rust like iron. But brass shower heads are more expensive and heavy. Plastic shower heads are cheaper and lightweight. But even shower heads made from most durable plastics like ABS plastic, wear and break overtime.

  • Quality

    Shower heads that increase water pressure are more difficult to build and have more parts such as a pressure chamber. So try to get a high quality shower head made with strong material like brass and with good performance from a recognized shower brand. They will perform and last longer, giving you great showers for many years to come.

  • Narrow or Wide Shower Head Size?

    Are you just trying to increase your shower pressure or do you have really low water pressure? A showerheads with narrower head size have a smaller spray area but gives a much stronger shower spray. If you have really low water pressure these are more suitable for you.

  • Showerhead Pressure Design

    High pressure shower heads increase low water pressure with adjustable settings or a pressure chamber. Generally a shower head with a pressure chamber or some special design can give you a better shower. Check the showerhead product description for technique and technology.

  • Available Spray Patterns

    What kind of shower spray patterns do you like? Most basic and low-cost high pressure shower heads will only have one or two basic spray patterns. If you are not bothered about customizing your shower experience these are ok. But if you prefer to have gentle showers with soothing spray and powerful massage jet streams to choose from, you will need a shower head that offers multiple spray settings.

The Bottom Line

There are many high pressure shower heads in the market from various brands and suppliers. But only a handful of top-of-the-line manufacturers can be trusted to deliver high quality products with great performance.

This top high pressure shower heads list prepared based on performance, features, quality, design, brand, user reviews and rating. These are the best high pressure shower heads for low water pressure situations. The more expensive and heavier, brass shower heads from Speakman and High Sierra are more durable than others. They will also give you consistent performance for a long time. The cheaper, plastic shower heads have good performance and are good for shorter time periods like a year or two.

We also need to consider about saving water. Water is not a unlimited resource. Our earth has a limited supply of clean, drinkable water and it is reducing fast each day. According to Wikipedia, an average person uses 80 liters of water for a single shower. Guess how many thousands of liters of water each of us use each year for showering alone? If we high water efficiency shower head, we’ll be saving lot of water. And saving money on our water and heating bills too. There are a couple of low flow high pressure shower head reviews here. They are best for low water flow situations as well as saving water. All of them are well-known for consistency and reliable performance.

It is also important for the shower head design to fit in with your other bathroom fixtures. Get one that matches your bathroom decor or style of your sink faucets, shower enclosures etc. The designs and finishes of the shower heads featured here are very good. They can blend and complement a range of bathroom styles. So consider your budget and compare the top shower head models along with the other helpful information we have included. You will be able to buy the perfect shower head for high water pressure in your bathroom.

That concludes our best high pressure shower head reviews. Some of these models have been the best shower heads for high pressure showers for long time and think many of them will make it to our list of top high pressure shower heads for next year too.

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