Best Shower Head Reviews & Buyer Guide

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If you are looking for the best shower head for yourself, your family, or for a building, you have come to the right place. We can help you choose the best shower head for your wants and needs. So we prepared this comparison chart of top models. It includes the main types of shower heads and the best products from each category. Below the chart, you can read the best shower head reviews of the all the listed models and understand their benefits.

These shower heads may win you over with their features, quality, price and beauty. You may not even have realized how much you need or want some of the features of the listed shower heads here. Once you go through them, you may re-think the way you look at the humble shower head of everyday use.

There are many good shower brands and a huge variety of models available on the market today. Online research and shopping makes it easy to see them. With so many options, it is difficult to decide which shower head to buy, or which feature shower head to focus on. Our detailed guide here will help you in this task.

Best Shower Heads Comparison

Here is our comparison table of the top shower heads on the market today.

PhotoNameTypeFlow RateFeatures 
Speakman S-2252 Icon AnystreamAdjustable High Pressure Showerhead2 or 2.5 GPMSolid brass, wide range of consistent powerful spray patterns
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Moen S6320 Velocity – Best Rain Shower HeadRain Showerhead2.5 GPM2.5 GPM, 8-inch, self–pressurizing brass head. Rain & concentrated rinse sprays
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Down you can read our comprehensive shower head buying guide and tips.

What to Consider When Buying A Shower Head?

Preferences and Needs of Users

Consider who will be using the shower head?  Showerheads come in many types, shapes and settings. If it is for your personal use the decision will be easy. You can think about your favorite spray settings and just buy one. But if you are going to share it with your spouse or family then consider their likes and needs too. Not everyone appreciates a specialty shower heads like water saving shower heads or high pressure shower heads. People with long hair prefer a shower head with a powerful spray option to quickly rinse shampoo and soap. For a shared or guestroom bathroom it is better to have a normal shower head which has a few common spray patterns.

Wall-mounted, ceiling mounted or handheld?

A shower head can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or handheld with or without a sliding bar. Fixed, wall-mounted shower heads are the most popular type. They are easy to replace with a fixed shower head or a handheld shower head. A handheld shower heads is advantages for showering kids and pets. Handhelds are also safer for elderly and easy to reach difficult to wash body areas. Many great rain shower heads for instance are ceiling mounted. They give a luxurious bathing experience just like caught up in a tropical rain shower. But most of these shower heads are large and require large shower floor. So consider the size and suitability of the new shower head to your showering enclosure or bathroom.

Gives a good water pressure

How is the water pressure at your place? A shower head is as good as the forceful water streams it can give. No ones likes a shower with water that trickles. Most of the top shower heads reviewed here have a flow rate of 2.5 gpm. They will perform well if you have normal or high water pressure on your pipes. But sometimes, people using well or spring water might face water pressure issues. If so consider a high pressure shower head that works in low water pressure situation. In extreme cases, if you have low flow issues a low flow shower heads can help you. These options will give you a strong enough stream for satisfying showers.

Keeps Hot Water Hot

A great shower head will keep hot water hot. Check how the shower head performs with hot water. Some shower heads with aeration sprays use air pressure to increase water pressure. But this can cool the water significantly by the time it reaches your skin. Many people offset the heat loss by increasing heat, which results in increased heating cost. Look for a shower head with newer or proprietary technology that increases pressure without a heat loss.

Made of durable and strong material

Try to get a shower head build with strong, durable material. Shower heads are mainly constructed using either brass, copper, steel or plastic. Shower heads made of brass are more durable and perform well for a long time. Brass is strong, doesn’t break or wear like plastic or corrode and oxidize like other metals. That’s why padlocks are made of brass. But brass shower heads are heavy and more expensive. You need a strong shower arm to hold a large brass shower head. Plastic shower head more common. They weigh less and cut costs. Generally plastic shower heads don’t hold up well to regular use. However there some exceptionally good plastic shower heads like the high quality Speakman hotel shower head.

Color & finish suits bathroom decor

When buying your shower head, select a color and finish that matches your bath faucets and other fixtures. Metallic tones or mixed colors are easy to match to bathroom color schemes. Shower head finishes range from chrome, brass, nickel, bronze to plastic. Various shades of gold, silver, brown, black and white are common shower head colors. Brushed or matte finishes are easy to upkeep as they don’t show fingerprints or water spots. Polish finishes look very elegant but need constant wiping to keep them spot-free. Solid color finishes can be baked-on enamel or composed of epoxy and are easy to clean. Black and white are common colors but they may fade or chip easily than other finishes. Brass may have a satin, gloss or antique finish and perfect for a traditional or rich look. Stainless steel gives a modern appearance and doesn’t shower water spots.

Meets local flow rate and building regulations

Check the shower head flow rate and that it meets local laws and building regulations. All shower heads in US have a flow rate of 2.5 gpm. However some states like California, Colorado and parts of New York require the shower flow rate to be no higher than 2.0 gpm. Most standard shower heads with 2.5 gpm can give a very satisfying showering experience. There are water saving shower heads which give satisfying showers with even 1.5 or 1.8 gpm. Water saving shower heads are good but check with everyone who will use it. Some might not like them. For many it might take sometime to get used to the lower flow rate.

A good brand & model

We have discussed about top shower head brands below.

Positive online user reviews

Its important to consider what others have to say about the showerhead you are buying too.

Worth the price and within your budget

The price of the best shower heads in the market vary greatly. Good shower heads can be found as low as $30 to a high of $300 or $400 for designer shower heads. However the best shower heads are not necessarily the highest priced products. If you are on a budget and want a high quality shower head you can still find a great product under $100. Quality and performance matters over price. Special features, style and brand value increase the price. Shower heads made of brass are generally more expensive.

Ease of Installation

Most shower heads are easy to install. You will only need to screw them with some plumbers tape and a adjustable wrench. However some shower heads will need professional help. Check how the shower is to be installed. Some products come with step by step instructions. Having a support helpline number will be helpful in case you need advice or instructions.

Shower Settings & Spray Patterns

Below are some common spray patterns found in shower heads. Some shower heads may offer only one of these spray pattern. Others may have multiple spray patterns to select. These basic spray patterns may also come in different names. Each of us have our own preferred style of spray. Some might like a focused high pressure stream of water hitting their body hard. Others might prefer a gentle rainfall shower experience. People with long hair will like strong sprays to rinse shampoo faster. A guest or common bathroom will be used by many with different spray preferences. Therefore when buying a shower head it is very important to consider the spray patterns it offers.

Regular Spray

The classic regular spray is the most common spray type. Almost every shower head has a regular spray mode. It consist of just a simple spray of water from the shower head. The water pressure depend on your water pressure or the shower head type. Good for relaxing and refreshing shower experience.

Full Body Spray

Full body spray tries to cover your whole body, drenching it with water. It maximizes the water coverage and warmth. Relieves muscle tension and rejuvenates your body.

Power Spray

This spray mode boosts the force of the water spray. Some showerheads concentrate a stream of water into a small area for easy rinsing of thick hair. The water pressure is high in this spray pattern. Good for fast rinsing shampoo and soaps.


Rain spray mimics the rainfall. Gives you a feeling of standing outside during a rain. Rain spray provides even body coverage for people of all heights. Depending on the shower head size it might cover your whole body in a drenching rainfall. Most rainfall shower sprays are gentle and good for relaxing.

Pulsating Massage

Massage pulse sprays consist of an invigorating spray with a changing water pressure. As the name implies massage sprays are good for relieving stress. Types of massage sprays include circular, pulsating and twin massaging sprays. They give a enjoyable, stimulating showering experience.

Mist Spray

Mist spray is created by forcing water to flow through tiny nozzles of the shower head. Thus fine water droplets are created giving you a soft mist spray experience. Mist spray provides a cooling relief. So, it is good for a shower after exercise for a cooling, invigorating effect.

Aeration Spray

Aeration sprays are created by infusing air into the shower water flow. This results in bigger water drops with tiny air bubbles. It creates bigger spray effects with less water. Aeration sprays can be seen in low flow shower heads and high pressure shower heads. The spray is extra soft and soothing.

Combo spray

In some shower heads there are combination spray modes. These spray modes mix two or more of the above mentioned basic spray patterns. Water flows out of the shower head simultaneously in two different spray patterns. For instance, mixing strong jet streams with pulsating massage sprays. The effect you get depends on the spray patterns being mixed.

Water Saving Drizzle

This spray settings stops the water flow to a small trickle, while you apply shampoo and soap. Or for shaving while showering. The trickle is enough to wet your body, soap or razer while you lather up or shave. The decreased water flow, saves water and money.

Best Shower Head Brands

shower head brandsSpeakman

Founded in 1869, Speakman have been making bathroom fixture for nearly hundred and fifty years. Speakman products are legendary for their high quality, style and performance. Many of their products are latest and greatest when it comes to technology as well. For example, the Speakman S-2005-HB shower head is a best seller and used in many luxury hotels. They’re shower heads bear witness to their experience and ingenuity. Speakman showerheads are manufactured with high quality materiel. Many are fully brass or metal built and come with patented technology and designs.  They are highly reliable and perform as advertised.


Moen is one of the top three names in bathroom products. Founded by Alfred Moen in 1956, it is headquartered in Ohio. Moen is most well known for their high quality faucets. But their shower heads are equally impressive. They offer a range of high quality, gorgeous and easy to install shower heads. The Moen Velocity shower head is one of the best rain shower head in the market. Their products come with a limited lifetime warranty.


Kohler is another of the “big three” plumbing fixture brands in the market. They have also been in the industry for a long time. Kohler was co-founded by a Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler in 1873. Best known for plumbing products but the company also manufactures furniture, tile, cabinetry, engines, and even generators. Kohler produces some of the most beautiful and best quality shower heads. Kohler is also known for high end, durable products. If you want to increase the value of your house with your next renovation or remodel make sure to add Kohler products into the mix. Houses with Kohler products enjoy higher resale value to the brand recognition.

Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet Company is one of the world’s leading kitchen and bathroom faucet manufacturers. Though the company name implies a specially in faucets, they are one of the market leaders for shower heads too. They have a wide variety of fixed and handheld shower heads. Delta shower heads are bit more expensive than other shower head but well worth the extra investment. They take advantage of higher quality material and build engineered products. They also improve the resale value of your bathroom. You can get all the smaller bathroom fixtures and products you for your bathroom from this brand.

American Standard

American Standard products needs no introduction. This U.S. brand is a recognized worldwide for superior and beautiful bathroom products and fixtures. With a history of over 140 years, they have been innovative standard bearers and trend setters in the industry for a long time. American Standard toilets are some of best ever existed. They have the full range of products needed to build a complete bathroom from toilet, bath tubs to smaller bathroom fixtures like faucets and showers. Their high quality collection of shower products from normal to specialty shower heads. American Standard shower-heads include handheld, fixed, traditional as well as low-flow shower heads.


Hansgrohe is a high quality German brand with a history of over 110 years. They are pioneers and experts in shower technologies. The wallbar for handheld showers was a Hansgrohe invention.  High quality European style Hansgrohe bathroom products with, “Made in Germany,” label are much sort after by consumers. Their bathroom products range from showers, shower pipes, shower system to beautiful faucets and other bath fixtures. The sleek Hansgrohe designs are very modern and blend well with contemporary bathroom styles. Lots of people like to remodel their bathrooms with the beautifully designed, high quality quality Hansgrohe showers and faucets.


Grohe is another popular bathroom product brand from Germany. Many confuse Grohe with Hansgrohe, but they are two separate companies and brands. Similarity in their names is because the son of Hansgrohe owner bought another company and renamed it with the family name Grohe. Since then, Grohe has grown and directly competes against Hansgrohe products. But both brands have something in common. They both produce some of the high quality, state-of-the-art bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Grohe has got some of the finest tub faucets, rain shower heads and bath faucets in the market today.

Ana Bath

Ana Bath is another popular and recommendable shower head brand. They have more than 20 years experience in the plumbing industry. Ana Bath products meet or exceed the requirements for both cUPC and CSA Standards. Their shower head collection includes all types of shower heads from handheld, combo to  filter heads and LED shower heads. They have a range of good combo and handheld shower head models that are some of the best in that category.

Environmental Considerations

watersense shower headShowering accounts for 17 percent of all water used in households in the United States. That’s 1.2 trillion gallons of water a year, just for showering. Therefore, the water we use for our showers has a tremendous impact on the environment. The U.S. Government and the EPA have taken measures to improve the water efficiency of shower heads . But further action is required by each of us. We can help save more water by using a high efficiency shower head like those certified with a EPA WaterSense label. It will also help reduce water and heating bills.

Flow Rate

Before 1994 shower heads typically had a flow rate of over 5 gallons per minute (gpm). Since then the Department of Energy has limited the maximum flow rate of shower heads sold to 2.5 gallons per minute (9.5 liters per minute). This has saved not only billions of gallons of water but fuel for the water heater. Due droughts and water issues, some states like California have introduced new shower flow rates of 2.0 gpm or less from 2016.

At the same time, manufacturers are developing shower heads with new technologies that need less water. Some advanced shower heads today are able to provide a good shower experience at less than 1.0 gpm. For example, the experimental Nebia shower head from Silicon valley has a flow rate of just 0.75 gpm. So in time to come even the current standard 2.5 GPM flow rate might look excessive and a waste of water.


WaterSense is a program that encourages the manufacture and use of less water using plumbing products in the U.S. It was launched in 2006 by the EPA. In partnership with the public and plumbing companies they developed standards for higher water efficiency products. If a product meets WaterSense standards and passes third-party testing, the manufacturer can advertise it with the WaterSense label. Its a voluntary standard and helps consumers see which products use less water. WaterSense label is given to shower fixtures with a flow rate of 2.0 gpm or less.  WaterSense certified shower heads are at least 20 percent more efficient without sacrificing performance.

Water Flow Regulator

Special Types of Shower Heads And Shower Accessories

In addition to the popular shower head types like rain, high pressure, there are quite a few more specialty shower heads in the market. These cater to various niche markets needs within larger shower market.

Shower Panel System

Shower panels are wall-mounted and contain sprays that are aimed at various parts of the body. They offer a more multi-sensory showering experience than a shower head. Shower panels are probably the most evolved piece since the early days of showering. You get a wide selection of shower panels in the market to suit your budget as well as needs. Some good shower panel systems are less than the price of a high-end shower head.

Electric Hot Water Shower Heads

This is a kind of shower head that comes with a small inbuilt water heater. The water is instantly heated as it flows through the shower head. A comfortable shower temperature is around 38 to 42C or 100 to 108F, which is a little higher than our body temperature. In warmer climates the normal water is already around 20C. So electric shower heads with small heaters are able to successfully heat the normal water for a acceptable hot shower. As a result these are becoming popular in warmer climates like Brazil and Latin Americas. You can find them a lot in hostels and holiday homes in warmer climates. They are a inexpensive alternative to tankless water heaters or installing a heating system for shower heads.

Tankless Water Heater with Shower Heads

Most tankless water heaters come with a handheld shower head so you don’t have to buy one separately.  Most tankless water heaters have a motor which increases the water pressure. So they often offer great shower experiences. The handheld shower heads are removable. If you are not satisfied with the shower head or spray pattern, you can replaced it with another from the market. Many people use tankless water heater showers for outdoor showers.

Portable Camping Showers

Camping showers are perfect to remain fresh and hygienic during camping trips. They make camping easier and pleasurable. Portable camping showers come in two types. One kind comes with a water container and shower head. The other comes only with a shower head which you can attached onto a water pipe at a camping grounds.

Kids Shower Heads

Lot of kids hate showering and giving them a bath can be a trying experience. Kids shower heads are modeled and designed in a fun shape such as a animal or cartoon character. So kids shower heads or baby shower heads are a great way to introduce young children to shower. They are mostly made of plastic or rubber to make them more comfortable and kids-friendly. Some have a lower pressure or only a basic spray pattern.

Steam Shower Units

A steam shower is a fully enclosed shower cubicle with vapor-tight doors. It has a steam generator that boils water and disperses the vapor around the person in the shower. This unit comes with everything needed to have a steam shower like in a spa or health club. They are wonderful for relaxing muscle, soothing aching joints and invigorating tired bodies. Manufacturers are targeting the home spa market with a wide range of products. Price of a good, complete steam shower is comparable to the price of a double sink bathroom vanity.

Digital Shower Heads

Digital shower controls blend technology and luxury with your shower head. They feature a shower head that is controlled by a digital control panel on the wall. You can control the shower heads flow, spray patterns and temperature with buttons and dials on the panel. A pause feature interrupts the shower while you shampoo or shave and then returns to the previous settings.

Sliding Bar Fixtures

A household with tall adults and kids will really benefit from a  sliding bar shower head. These fixtures have a bar fixed to the wall which allows moving the shower head up and down to any height. The bar can be fixed horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. The shower head is usually a handheld detachable shower head which gives even more versatility to the fixture.

Shower Kits

Shower kits are the easiest way to install a shower enclosure in your bathroom. They come with a prefabricated shower cubicle with shower doors, a shower pan or floor and side panels. Thus, your shower area is separated and keeps the rest of the bathroom dry. The bathroom can even be used by someone else while you shower.

Other Home Renovation & Improvement Options

In addition to a new shower head, you might be also be interested in other bath accessories and home improvement products. Below links lead to our other pages, with comprehensive reviews and comparisons like this of different products that will help increase the functionality and improve the look of your home. So checkout the links below to our complete guides and keep this page bookmarket.