4 Stylish Best Wooden Bread Box Reviews & Comparison

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A wooden bread box has been at my home for ages! I just love the beauty if it, it completely matches the wooden cabinets! I think for hundreds of years before plastics came, the common bread box to be found in most homes was some type of wood bread box. A wooden bread box also looks expensive and proves craftsmanship.

However a bread box made from wood may not keep the bread fresh for as long as a stainless steel bread box and it could be harder to clean and protect the bread from insects. Yet there are many of us who still love to have a wooden bread box at our home. So let me share with you something about wooden boxes I found with a high ratings online and seem to overcome most of the problems mentioned above.

Best Wooden Bread Boxes Comparison

Here is a comparison chart of the best wood bread box models I could find along with some key features. I think this will help you compare and select one easily than reading long reviews.

Lipper International 8847 Bamboo Bread Box with Tempered Glass WindowMade with Bamboo wood, transparent acrylic top, warm classic look15.5 x 9.5 x 9.8 inches
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Mountain Woods Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique Style Bread BoxBeautiful antique style, magnetic door easily flips down, artistic finish16 x 10.5 x 9 inches
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Mountain Woods Large Acacia Wood Roll Top Bread Box & Storage BoxEasy to lift ergonomic roll top cover, finished by trained artisans and craftsman15.8 x 10.6 x 8.5 inches
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Francois et Mimi Pure Bamboo Retro Vintage Style Bread Box, Bread Bin100% Bamboo box, Rustic vintage design, Secure-fit snap door, cleanable with light water15 x 8 x 7 inches
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Top Rated Wooden Bread Box Reviews

Mountain Woods Brown Antique Extra Large Bamboo Bread Box

Featuring a magnetic flip-down lid with rattan and metal accents, this antique looking bread box is made of darker colored wood to give an antique effect. Measuring 16″(L) x 10.5″(W) x 9″(H) this bread box is made of rich, eco-friendly acacia hardwood.

It is a perfect storage piece for a country styled kitchen but I think it will even go well with counter tops that have a shiny finish like granite and tile. It is quite large so it will help remove the clutter in the kitchen. You can easily place 2 average sized home baked loaves of bread in it. Make sure you shut it tight to preserve your food for a longer period of time.

Some customers claim to use it for purposes other than storing bread. You can order this now on Amazon to give a cozy country effect to your room!

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Mountain Woods Large Acacia Roll Top Bread Box

Mountain Woods Large Brown Acacia Wooden Bamboo Bread Box is a roll top style bread box that supports convenient opening and closing. Featuring an ergonomically designed roll top cover, this large roll-top bread box is made of rich, eco-friendly acacia hardwood and measures 15.875″(L) x 10.625″(W) x 8.5″(H).

This acacia hardwood box is of reasonably high quality and dark in color. The roll top is smooth and functions well but if you find any difficulty in moving the roll top, before you regret the purchase, just try applying vegetable or mineral oil on the edges. Also you can use the oil to maintain the beauty of the bread box.

It is attractively designed for customers who prefer darker wood. This is sure to enhance a kitchen be it modern or a classic styled one. The bread clutter on the counter top can be replaced by a beautiful and attractive piece of bread box.
Inside, you can place up to 2 large loaves of bread and a few other items and still have some space. Another advantage of this large acacia box is the flat top allows you to place other bottles or items reducing more of the clutter in your dining or kitchen area. So to keep your bread fresh and kitchen clean check out this Acacia bread box now at Amazon. It also has a discount price there.

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If you are not sure whether a this type of bread box will suit you then you might want to read my analysis on what’s the best bread box for me?

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