3 Top Wall Mount Ironing Board Cabinet Reviews

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If you are looking for a wall mount ironing board cabinet, finding a good one is not easy. Even when you find a good one, it can be overpriced. A good wall mounted ironing board cabinet today can be bought starting from around two hundred dollars to three or four hundred, depending on the brand and quality. Below I’m sharing details about some of the most popular wall mounted ironing board cabinets in the market today which are in the lower end price point but still found to be good by majority of the buyers.

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet Comparison

There are Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinets available from several brands and models. While a few seem good many are mediocre. So we compiled this guide to help you narrow down the field and find that best wall mount ironing board cabinet for your home. Below you can view a comparison of the best wall mount ironing boards cabinets which will helps you compare and narrow down your choice.

Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center with 42 Inch Ironing Board, Electrical System, Hot Iron Storage top pickAvailable in 8 finishes52" H x 15" W x 7 3/4" D
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Household Essentials 18100-1 StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet with Built In Ironing Board Available in 4 options (white finish, unfinished oak, white with pad & cover, White with Stowaway Kit)7.8 x 15.9 x 47.9 inches
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Hideaway Ironing Board Supreme Made in USA, Unfinished Maple with Raised Panel Door47 3/4"L X 16"W X 7"D
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Facilehome Ironing Board Cabinet Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet Foldable with MirroSmaller compact design, Has a Mirror37.4" x 14" x 6.9"
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Top Wall Mount Ironing Board Cabinet Reviews

StowAway Ironing Board Cabinet

StowAway In Wall Ironing Board sold by Household Essentials is one of the top wall mounted ironing boards in the market. Its been in the market for a long time and sold many units. The hundreds of reviews on online stores is a testomany to the success of this ironing board.

Inside this iron cabinet are two shelves with all the space you need to tuck away your ironing gear like starch and spray bottles with your still-warm iron. (You can store away even warm-irons because its got a heat resistant barrier on the deep upper shelf.) Installing it is easy between framing studs in a wall. Once installed your ironing board stays out of sight but close at hand.

According to the product description the overall StowAway cabinets dimensions are 47.6″ h x 15.6″ w x 7.8″ d. The cabinet’s inside width of the board housing that is recessed in the wall is approximately 14.25″ wide. So it can be fit to walls that are studded 16 inches on center. The iron boards, ironing surface measures, 41 by 11 3/4 inches.

What makes this StowAway cabinet very innovative is, the board can be rotated a full 180-degrees. So you can use every inch of the board easily and comfortably from either the right or left. With a simple lift, guide and glide, you can also adjust the board’s height, providing an easy ironing experience for everyone in your home.
This StowAway iron cabinet model comes in two finishes. One is a solid white finish and the other is an unfinished oak finish which allows you to stain it or paint it to match your existing room decor. It comes with a natural nanomax one-piece cover and pad included. To buy this one or find out more information here is the link to its Amazon page.

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Note: A major advantage of this kind of ironing boards are they have NO LEGS!! You can pull a shirt or pair of pants up over the tip of the board as far as you like, there are no board legs to get in the way. The other thing is the fold-able ironing boards most people use is a great modern space saving household item, but after some time  it becomes tedious to keep dragging the ironing board out of the closet, setting it up, and then taking it down and restoring it. So this type of board in a cabinet is a much easier way of accomplishing a daily household task.

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