5 Different Types of Lighting Used in Homes

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The household lighting is of utmost importance in determining the beauty of the household. You can have the best interior design, but without the proper lighting the room would look less than ordinary.

Proper lighting can enhance even the very simple interior designs. To select the best household lighting you first need to know the different types of lighting available.


Diffused lights

These are general room lights which are not focused in one direction. These lights are used to provide lighting to the entire room.  Transparent shades can be added to beautify the lights without hindering the room lighting.



Direct lights / spot lights

Also known as task lighting, these lights focus in one particular direction. These lights are effective when lights need to be directed to one particular seating area. Spot lights are included in this category.



Semi direct lights

Direct lights are those lights that are beamed downwards. Semi direct lights are beamed downwards whilst a small amount of light is beamed upwards.



Indirect lights

These types of lights illuminate the upper walls and the ceiling area. All the light is beamed upwards. These types of lights add beauty to the ceiling and completely focus on it.



Semi Indirect light

In this type of lighting system most of the light is beamed upwards whilst a small portion of light is beamed downwards. This type of lighting is suitable when more focus has to be given to the ceiling.





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  1. I used to sell lighting fixtures, so I’m fairly familiar with the industry, but I’m still always amazed at what the right lighting can do for a room. Good lighting can create magic; bad lighting, not so much!

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