Digital Kitchen Scale – The Reasons to Purchase

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Digital Kitchen Scales are the perfect solution to get your ingredients right. The ‘cups’ measurement can completely ruin your recipe since a cup’s quantity may be differ from person to person. The following extract from the new york times proves this, ” J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, the managing editor of the blog Serious Eats, once asked 10 people to measure a cup of all-purpose flour into a bowl. When the cooks were done, Mr. Lopez-Alt weighed each bowl. “Depending on how strong you are or your scooping method, I found that a ‘cup of flour’ could be anywhere from 4 to 6 ounces,” he said. That’s a significant difference: one cook might be making a cake with one-and-a-half times as much flour as another.” (New York Times 2011).

You may feel that any kitchen scales can solve the problem – they don’t. When I used the analog kitchen scale I was not very happy with its measurements. It is very hard to get the perfect quantity and needle keeps moving to and fro. Thanks to the digital kitchen scale measuring ingredients are as easy as can be. 5 ounces of flour is 5 ounces of flour in the digital scale no matter who measures it, wherever they might be.

Here is how you use the digital kitchen scale to get the perfect quantity: You place the bowl on the scale, switch on the digital kitchen scale (if no tare button is available), pour in your ingredient until you get the desired weight. You can get the scale back to zero when your ready to measure the next ingredient.


  • You don’t need many cups and spoons to get the right quantity – it also means less cleaning!
  • You can easily convert the quantities. E.g from ounces to grams etc.
  • You can get perfect measurements for even very small quantities
  •  Finally you get the perfect recipe!!!!


The criteria you need to determine when selecting the right kitchen scale for you are as follows:

  • The purpose – Are you looking to use the kitchen scale only for measuring ingredients? Or will you need to measure the calories of the food you intake? There are kitchen scales with memory to monitor how much food you eat!
  • The Price – How much are you willing to spend on your kitchen scale there are scales which range from $25 to $100, depending on the features.
  • Portability – The size and space that is available for you to place your kitchen scale.
  • Accuracy – How accurate you want your measurements, whether it should be down to 1 gram or 5 grams.

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