Modern 71 Inch Virtu USA Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Review

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These days we find many vanities on offer but they don’t come in a complete set. So we need to go finding for the right mirror, basins etc. I find this really irritating and that’s why I was looking for a COMPLETE double sink bathroom vanity set.

I came across this exotic double sink bathroom vanity SET which looks WONDERFUL! I am sure this is going to be one hit among interior designers.

The Modern 71 Inch Virtu USA Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Set

double sink bathroom vanityThis is a 71″ double sink bathroom vanity. It is made of solid oak wood and comes with an elegant espresso finish. You know how difficult it is to find a high-quality, elegant and user-friendly double sink bathroom vanity. This is a real GREAT find and I’m sure is going to add beauty and elegance to the bathroom that it is placed!

Features of the double sink bathroom vanity

So now let me tell you about the features of this double sink bathroom vanity that is sure to make you go WOW!

  • This vanity includes a mirror with a shelf, tempered glass counter top with 2 integrated glass basins, and brushed nickel hardware.
  • Main cabinet dimensions: 70.9-Inch wide, 21.7-Inch deep, 33.5-Inch high
  • Mirror with shelf dimensions: 70.9-Inch wide by 32.2-Inch high.
  • The vanity includes 3 drawers in the middle and 2 side cupboards. Each of these cupboards has 2 doors. The specialty is that the drawers and the cupboards feature European sliders and soft closing door hinges. The drawers are structured with the doweled joint method for strength.
  • The vanity includes two PS-103 chrome faucets and pop-up drains. All installation hardware is included in the package.

What’s More?

Idouble sink viewn addition to these features this double sink bathroom vanity comes with a quality 7-layer coating system. So what exactly does this 7-layer coating system do? It ensures the quality and long life of the double sink bathroom vanity. Did you know that all Virtu USA products are 100% handmade by skilled craftsmen?

This double sink bathroom vanity has been entreated with several types of sealants to protect against moisture and humidity in the bathroom environment. So that’s going to protect the beauty of the vanity. All the doors of this vanity comes with the European soft closing mechanism. Isn’t that just AWESOME?

When you purchase this double sink bathroom vanity you get it with a 1 year warranty. However this warranty will not be applicable if damage is caused by improper care or improper cleaning.

What’s the LOOK it creates?

So by placing this beautiful double sink bathroom vanity in your bathroom what type of atmosphere do you create? I need to tell you that this double sink bathroom vanitydouble sink bathroom vanity works perfect for transitional or modern bathrooms.

This vanity will add a feeling of modern, clean-lined sophistication and classic warmth to your bathroom. I just LOVE the tempered glass doesn’t it really give an indication of sophistication? The elegant mirror, glass basins and chrome faucets are definitely going to ADD CHARACTER to your bathroom.

How do I take care of it?

Once you buy this vanity, maintenance is going to play a part on how long it lasts. Yes definitely it is designed to last for years but PROPER MAINTENANCE is a great determinant. So let me share with you some maintenance tips:

  • Daily care: Clean the counter-tops daily with a soft cloth or paper towel. You can use a residue free cleaner designated safe for natural stone. However when using any cleaning product make sure you don’t exceed the recommended usage amount. This may leave a film causing streaks.
  • Avoid using cleaning products that contain bleach or ammonia.
  • When cleaning the wood surface of the vanity use wood care products. This includes soapy water and pledge.
  • When cleaning a wood surface of the vanity make sure you use a soft cloth. If any coarse materials are used it could cause scratches on the vanity or even discolor the wood.
  • If the surface of the vanity is continuously and prolongedly exposed to moisture it could damage or discolor the wood.
  • Therefore make sure you wipe the surfaces dry to retain the natural beauty of the vanity.

I Want to Buy Now

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