Garage Bike Storage Ideas And Solutions For Small Garages

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The garage is usually a very cluttered place because of the kind of things we store there.  Out of all the things we store in garages, bicycles are perhaps the most awkward thing to store there and the worst in taking up space.  Bikes always seem to get in the way though they look like they shouldn’t take up too much space. That is why having a good solution for parking your bikes in the garage can help you a lot. Of course many home improvement experts advice that it is best to have a separate garden bike shed if possible.

When dedicate bike storage shed Is Not An Option!

But for most of us due to space limitations in our homes and properties, it is not possible to have a separate storage shed for bikes. This leaves us with the option of making the most of the available space in our garages and store the bikes in an efficient manner. So here I’m going to share with you some garage bike storage ideas and pictures to help you store bikes in garages. I think you will be happy to hear about these recent innovative garage bike storage ideas and solutions that helps you make the most of your limited garage space.

1) Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift

The ceiling mounted bike lift is a recent innovative solution to store bicycles. If you have a high ceiling garage you will find this a very efficient way for storing your bikes. Using such a solution will free your floor space 100% and allow you to park your car or truck underneath it or use the freed space to store some additional things in your garage. However the drawback with this solution is you will have to clear away anything underneath it when you want to take out the bike.

2) Wall Mounted Bike Racks

Another garabe bike storage idea I can give you is to fix a wall mounted bike rack in your garage. If you can mount the rack high enough on the wall you can easily use the space underneath to park a vehicle or store something. If you don’t have a garage with a high ceiling to have a ceiling mounted bike lift then this will be an ideal solution. However the drawback is they are not as easy to use as the ceiling bike lift.

3) Freestanding bike racks

If your garage has a low ceiling or walls that are not strong enough to support a wall mounted bicycle rack then your options will be severely limited. However don’t be discouraged. There are some good freestanding bike rack products in the market today which quite efficient in utilizing limited space. Try to get free standing bicycle rack that can store two bikes, one above each other. This way you can store two bikes in the space of one.

These are some current innovative garage bike storage ideas and solutions I have come across frequently that helps garage owners get the maximum out of the limited space.

I hope these tips and ideas helps you. Please feel free to share your thoughts and any other bicycle storage ideas not mentioned here in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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