Best LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting For Gardens

led landscape lights

Solar powered LED lights for lighting pathways and driveways

A fast growing technology, which is talked of lately are the bulbs utilizing the novel LED technology. Well if your looking to purchase LED bulbs or just want to learn about them, this article would provide an insight into this popular technology.

LED abbreviated for Light Emitting Diode is a particular state in which a semi conductor emits light when electricity or current passes through it. LED bulbs can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting, this article focuses on outdoor landscape lighting.


The advantages of LED Bulbs are many, listed below are a few of them:

  1. Green technology – LED bulbs utilize less electricity in comparison to the traditional CFL and halogen bulbs. This means that you contribute to saving energy and support green technology.
  2. Durability – Yes, LED bulbs last longer if they are installed properly in comparison to other traditional bulbs. You don’t need to keep changing your bulb every year. For an example if you use LED bulbs every day with an average of 8 hours per day, if installed properly, would last for over 15 years.
  3. Energy Usage – In comparison to traditional lights LED bulbs utilize less watts to provide the same amount of illumination. In technical terms if you use a 300 watt transformer with 20 LED (9 Watts each) bulbs you get the same illumination as you would with 20 standard (50 watts each) bulbs. Thus you can use a transformer with a smaller capacity and save money.
  4. Easier Layouts – Since LED lights require less energy you can use thinner wires and cables enabling you to design your lighting layout easily.
  5. Low Maintenance LED light bulbs do not have any filaments or moving parts that make them durable, and so the maintenance costs are low.


LED light bulbs also come with their limitations which you need to be aware of before purchasing these bulbs.

  1. Lower Light Quality– LED lights produce lower lumens in comparison to traditional bulbs. Lumens measure the actual light output, so this means the quality of LED light bulbs are lower in comparison to the traditional light bulbs. Technically, a traditional 25w halogen produces 1500 lumens,  however a LED (uses less watts) 3w bulb will produce approximately 300 lumens, which may not be desirable for landscape lighting.
  2. Color – LED lights produce light that may not be the usual color as the traditional bulbs, they might produce an artificial color which you may not like so make sure you check the light color before you purchase it. However nowadays a phosphate cover is used to produce a warmer color, but this phosphate can break over time and change the light color.
  3. LED fixtures – These can be expensive, and in some cases when you replace the bulb you may have to replace the whole fixture.



There are variety of LED lights that you might require to bring forth a beautiful landscape. Below are reviews of various landscape LED lights:

Brinkman LED Low Voltage Path Lights

The Brinkman 3.5W LED path lights are easy to install and come with a stainless steel finish. They come with frosted lens, pre-wired cables, 20W transformer and digital time sensors. The pre-wired cables and connectors allows for easy and fast installation. A precaution to take during installation is to make sure that all the connectors are very firmly tightened, or water would go through them causing the connectors to corrode resulting in the malfunctioning of the lights. The main feature of this product is the time sensor which automatically switches on the light when it is dusk and switches it off when its dawn, freeing you from this task.

These LED Bulbs are also very bright in comparison to the usual LED bulbs, and they produce a white-blue light, while white dominates. In case you are not in favor of this color you could paint the plastic globe with a color that you prefer using ‘great glass’ which complements the stainless steel finish.

You can either extend the Brinkman LED path lights individually or buy a new set and add it to the string of path lights, depending on the space you prefer between these lights.

Aquascape Pond and Landscape LED Light Kit

This LED lighting kit is good if you are looking to create a beautiful or breath taking focal point, be it a pond or any other part of your garden. However this is a small a small, affordable compact design that works best with medium to small sized landscapes. These LED bulbs use up-to 80 – 90% less electricity than the halogen bulbs and has a life span of 10 ten times the halogen bulbs.

The optical lenses support to produce powerful lights, the color temperature is 3500K in comparison to the 5000K of halogen bulbs. So the light color may not exactly be similar to the light color of halogen bulbs. These bulbs are water proof designed so they can be submerged with the pond/water, used to  highlight waterfall cascades, fountains, or even portions of your gardens like plants and trees surrounding your water feature.

These Aquascape Pond and Landscape LED lights come with 3 light fixtures that are pre-wired and pre-assembled, thus enabling you to fix it without any expert help. The photocell feature enables these lights to switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn. This kit also includes a transformer, a stand and a soil spike.

Brinkmann 4 Coach and 2 Spotlight LED Low Voltage Kit

These LED lights emit a decent amount of white, being LED you need to remember that they are not as bright as halogen and it is not the warm yellow color. The light is more powerful that the standard low voltage bulbs 4 path lights, 2 spot lights and a 20-watt transformer.

Being pre-wired makes it easier for you to fix it without expert help. The kit has a metallic black finish so it may not be very flashy but are durable and produce sufficient amount of light.


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