Making The Right Product Choice Depends On Many Factors: Here Is What I Look For!

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Welcome to the October 2012 Natural Living Blog Carnival: Ethical Shopping Choices

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I enjoy shopping for me and my family! Sometimes my shopping sprees are a time to relax and be alone for sometime! There are many things that I consider when it comes to purchasing, be it groceries, clothes, jewellery or anything else the factors I have stated below have a great impact on my buying choices:

1. Quality – The quality of the product is a major consideration for me, I am willing to pay a few extra dollars to get a higher quality product. How I look at quality is how well the product functions and how long I can expect it to work for.It is no use purchasing a cheaper product that would have to be replaced in a few months time.

2. The Make – The country of origin of a product does tell us about its quality and reliability. I prefer products made locally rather than products made in China. Products made locally help to boost our country’s growth and also less transport means less contribution to green gas emissions! Our markets are filled with imported products, I think its high time we promoted local products.

3. Environment Friendly – There are many trademarks that prove a company supports a greener world and is environment friendly. I would purchase a product with these trademarks than products without such trademarks. A green company is more likely to be my seller than a company that does not support a greener world. I think that environment friendly products are going to have a great impact on making this world a better place for our kids.

4. Price – Yes being price conscious is important when it comes to living within a budget. I don’t like paying for brand name. I prefer to buy a quality product, but wouldn’t pay more just because a product does have a more popular brand name. If there is no big difference between 2 products in the above mentioned factors then I would opt for the cheaper product.

5. Loyalty – There are some manufacturers whose service have impressed me and with whom my shopping experience has been delightful. I would surely choose their products over others. My loyalty to a certain manufacturer does  influence my buying choice.

6. Family Preferences – Of course, the advice and recommendations I receive from my family does affect my buying choices. It could be because what they say seems to be much more reliable than advertisements. It also helps keep the family happy. My family is a great part of my life and their opinion matters a lot to me.

These are the major factors that influence my buying choices. So what are that factors that influence you? Let me know by leaving comments below.


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10 thoughts on “Making The Right Product Choice Depends On Many Factors: Here Is What I Look For!”

  1. I also look for products that are environmentally friendly. Even so its still very complicated! I’m new to being environmentally friendly so I’m still learning.

  2. Quality is such a huge part of making green and ethical decisions when shopping. It is best for everyone if we support companies that make durable items that do not need to be replaced and end up in our landfills.

  3. I like #5. Preference is so important! Fortunately, our children’s tastes are typically a reflection of what we feed them as they grow up! Give them good choices and they learn to make good choices :)

  4. I think #1 and #4 are the ones that are the most important to me. However, all the reasons you list for finding the right product are excellent ones.

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