Brief Guide to Planning Lighting For A House

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Just like any proper activity requires a plan, in order to light up a room in a manner that brings the appropriate mood we try to achieve,  a proper lighting plan has to be developed.

The lighting in the room determines if the room is going to be inviting or repulsive.

Indoor lighting Design

Before selecting the appropriate lights for your home you need to consider the space and decorations of your home. Lights should be able to calm the soul and provide sufficient light to relax your mood. If your living room is spacious and there is a huge flow of natural light then just a few general lights would be enough to light up your room.

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You could choose a simple theme, for an example if all your household fixtures are wooden then you can select shades for the lights with a wooden outlook. To decorate your home, all visible lights could be beautifully covered by shades. Shades can be fixed on all types of general lights. However when planning the indoor lighting  make sure that a consistency is maintained.



Direct lights / General Lights

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Direct lights / General lights bring forth a feeling of warmth and comfort. It is welcoming and should be placed in a area with lot of place, like the living room. The switch of the light should be placed with close proximity to the door to ensure that the lights can be switched on when a person enters the room. (e.g. Philips Dimmable LED 12.5 Watt Light Bulb)

However room lighting should be designed in a manner that is more beneficial to the eyes. The type of light that is reflected through the ceiling and wall provides tranquility and comfort that is required to relax and refresh yourself. The most suitable type of lighting to serve this purpose is indirect lighting.

It is always wise to keep in mind that more light does not always mean its better, you just need to select the light with the right quality and quantity. In your home, where task lights are required you can install them and reduce the ambient light in other places.

Outdoor Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting includes the garden, entrance and pathway to the house. The outdoor lighting creates the first impression of the home. This can greatly affect the mood of the people who enter the home. The lighting should be designed in a manner that warmly welcomes the residents and guests home.

The entrance of the home should should be brightly lit, followed by a pathway with beautiful exterior lights. The spotlights in the entrance should be placed in subtle locations for an elegant look. The lights should be placed in a manner that it does not face the windows, nearby roads or neighbors homes. If you are using a variety of lights ensure you maintain the consistency by utilizing similar holders.

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When placing lights on the pathway ensure that it is placed reasonably apart. If the lights are too close it could hurt the eye. Also be careful not to place path lights on equally opposite sides of the pathway, this could bring too much light to one area.

You need to ensure that light is equally spread among the pathway so as not to attract attention to one single area.

The garden should be creatively enlightened by you, taking into mind the flowers and plants that are in the garden. Garden lights should not be too bright, but beautifully used in a manner that enhances the entire beauty of the garden.

Be it indoor or outdoor lighting, the beauty of the home and garden is enhanced by the appropriate use of lights. Good luck in bringing out the best in your home by utilizing lights.

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