5 Top Stainless Steel Dish Rack Reviews & Comparison

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The reason I chose to write about stainless steel dish racks is because it is a must have kitchen storage item. For those of us with and without dishwashers a dish rack can really change the way we feel about dishes. It helps to store the often used dishes and allows them to dry quickly.

When it comes to stainless steel dish racks many styles and designs and hundreds of products in stores and online. Going through them can be time consuming and its often difficult to compare them against each other. So after careful consideration, I picked some of the best stainless steel dish rack to share with you. These top stainless steel racks are listed in below comparison table for you to view them all in one place, compare key features and select the best for you depending on your needs and preference.

Best Stainless Steel Dish Racks Comparison

Simplehuman Steel Frame Dish Rack with Glass Holder, Fingerprint-Proof, Stainless Steel top pickInnovative drainage with swivel spout to drain water, glass holder, natural bamboo knife block21.8 x 20.2 x 14.3 inches
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Polder Stainless-Steel Sink Dish RackHolds 10 dishes, two extendable arms to balance it over a sink 13.8 x 11.8 x 4.8 inches
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Stylish Sturdy Stainless Steel Metal Wire Medium Dish Drainer Drying Rack (Stainless Steel, Chrome)slots for 8 dishes, Matching silverware cup and drainboard, 16.5 x 12 x 5.5 inches
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Zojila Patagonia 3 Tier Dish Rack, Brushed/Polished Stainless Steel3-racks with one for plates, rack for hanging glasses, cutlery tray, Slide out drain tray20 x 10.5 x 20 inches
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OXO Good Grips Convertible Foldaway Dish Rack, Stainless SteelPlastic rack with bit of stainless steel, Fold/expand for storage or more room, divided utensil holders, Tines hold cups/glasses, spout to drain20.2 x 13 x 4.1 inches
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Best Stainless Steel Dish Rack Reviews

Once we decide to buy a dish rack it is important to choose a dish rack that would meet our needs and suit our budget. So I have reviewed 3 different types of dish racks made of stainless steel with a rating of 4 stars or above.

1) Zojila ‘Rohan’ Dish Rack Drainer (with Utensil Holder & Drain board)
2) Kitchen Dish Dry Rack Sink Stainless from Polder
3) Amco Mini Dish Rack Set

Here are there details and stainless steel dish rack reviews.

Kitchen Dish Dry Rack Sink Stainless

Made of high quality rust resistant 18/8 stainless steel this product by Polder is designed to maximize space. Measuring 13.75W x 11.5L x 5H, this rack can hold up to 10 dishes at a time. This is perfect for those of us with a tight budget and are looking for a quality product and live in apartments with minimal counter top area.
It is sure to de-clutter your counter top and dry all the dishes, while keeping it clean, neat and organized. Just keep in mind this does not have a utensil holder but can be hung over the sink on rubber-coated extendable arms (up to 27 inches) or set on the counter on four rubber-coated feet.

Most customer in online retail sites I checked give it a 5 star rating, meaning they are happy with their purchase. All in all this stainless steel dish rack is worthy product. Don’t miss the opportunity to get it now.

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Zojila ‘Rohan’ Dish Rack Drainer, Utensil holder and Drain board

Made of high quality 18-8 stainless steel this rack comes in an elegant 3 piece design: a dish rack, drain board and cutlery holder. It can hold up to 13 dishes, 8 tumblers, over 50 cutlery pieces and some pots and pans, maybe just right for a family of 4.

The innovative idea behind the design of this dish rack is to solve most problems we face with dish racks.

The main problem we face with a dish rack is water collection which leads to formation of mold. The perfect design of this dish rack has addressed the drain issue. The drain board is a gently curved sheet of stainless steel, raised on legs and tilted towards the sink. Water drips from the rack onto the drain, rolls towards the middle, and spills over the edge into the sink.

The Curved side is 18 inches long and lines up with sink to allow water to automatically drain to sink. Curved side takes up the depth of your counter. Water drains from the central region of the curved side. Short side is 14 inches long, sloped and will line up parallel to the counter. The top of a 12 inch dish placed on the rack will be 15 inches high. Legs have protective covers to prevent slippage and damage to counter top. Drainer can be placed on either side of sink and the rack is reversible as well.

After receiving feedback from customers on the cutlery holder they have redesigned it – enclosed all around and features a removable divider for easier cleaning. This is the best dish rack I could find, but amazingly made in China, which most customers are not happy with. However most customers have given it a 5 star rating on online retail websites.. Though it is comparatively expensive than other stainless steel racks, it is worth in the long run.

So, if you are looking to invest in a stainless steel dish drainer this is the dish rack I highly recommend.

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Here I have highlighted the best quality dish racks that I could find in Amazon. Anyway whatever dish rack you choose to buy you will need to clean it periodically. I found a great article that provides tips on how to clean the dish rack. Read it! Hope it will help you in the long run.

Hope my stainless steel dish rack reviews will help you get a great product. Comments are open. Let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “5 Top Stainless Steel Dish Rack Reviews & Comparison”

  1. When I was reading your first dish rack review what I thougtht was why don’t they make all dish racks with a drain board? I often see dish racks with water dripping down and making all the place wet!

    And all of these dish racks are counter top dish racks. Any idea about some good large stand alone dish racks?

      1. Thanks for your comment Sam.

        The 3 tier dish rack looks stunning and solid. Welding lines look seamless too.

        It’s a nice idea to have a dish rack cabinet. Frees up space on the kitchen counter. Stainless steel makes it last longer.

  2. Ya sometimes dish racks don’t come with a drain board because of the cost factor! its more expensive to buy ones with the drain board. So what most people do is they use a drying mat under the dish racks. Well as for the stand alone dish rack you can read my article on bamboo dish racks. The simple human dish rack would be perfect for you!

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