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Top 10 Exquisite Decorative Ceiling Medallions That Accent Architectural Details

Decorative ceiling medallions are a great way to add detail to your home and complete the look of a room. You can’t really imagine the transformation it makes at any room from plain to fabulous in seconds. While you stress architectural details they also help you to cover the hole cut for an electrical box. So before we have a look at the 10 exquisite ceiling medallions just have a look at this photo of what a transformation one of it can do to a dining room. decorative ceiling medallions

(The medallion is shown here before it was painted but note that it can be painted to match your room decor using)

In this dining room a 24-inch diameter white medallion from Westinghouse Lighting was used.  That light-weight medallion costs around forty to hundred dollars but look at what a rich look it gives to the room. It makes more of a difference than any other piece of furniture in the room. So the importance and the advantages of buying a beautiful medallion for your home is enormous. The nicest thing about them is they are available in a variety of designs, are easy to fix and are reasonably priced.

Why Buying Online Is Better?

Plus when you buy online you have some advantages. To increase sales and avoid callback, most companies supply the mounting adhesive or any hardware or system for installation included with them, which makes them very easy to install. So if you look at them like in the items featured here you get several medallions with installation material included than what you will get at a local store with limited selection and absolutely nothing with it for the installation. Just keep that in mind too when you go through these beautiful collection of decorative medallions you can buy online now.

1) The 24-Inch Aureole Polyurethane Ceiling Medallion

white medallion ceilings1) This is the white medallion from Westinghouse Lighting that was used in the ceiling of the dining room photo you saw above. Its made of aureole polyurethane has a 24 inch diameter and a 4-Inch center opening for fixing a ceiling fan or lighting fixture. Westinghouse claims that because it is made of Polyurethane it resembles original plaster medallions. They also say it won’t warp, split, or splinter. Because it comes from a reputed company like Westinghouse Lighting its a very standard product that comes with adhesive and included installation hardware. Ideal if you can install it at the same time as your lighting fixture or ceiling fan but you can install it even later. You can buy this now here.

Now that you have seen and heard about what a ceiling medallion can do you must be more eager to buy one. But here are a few more ceiling medallions in a variety of intricate designs and sizes from small to large ones so you can select and choose what suits your tastes and likes. If you have any question about them please place a comment below and let me know.

2) 28-Inch Ceiling Medallion For A Large Room Or Hall

beautiful ceiling molding

This is a little larger, 28-Inch diameter polyurethane ceiling medallion. It is also a product from Westinghouse Lighting. You can leave it white or use a oil-based paint to match your decor. It must be tempting to buy a large ceiling medallion and cover a larger space of your ceiling with something like this large 28-inch one. You can buy this one here.

But wait a minute!

How To Select The Right-Sized Ceiling Medallion?
Did you know there are 3 factors to consider when selecting the ideal size ceiling medallion?

  1. You should first think about the size of the fan or lighting fixture. Medallions should always be smaller or larger than the diameter of your ceiling fan or fixture. They should not be the same size.
  2. You need to also think about the height of the ceiling. Higher ceilings can accommodate larger medallions, and medallions that are 28-inches or larger can complement two-story foyers.
  3. Finally, be sure to consider the size of your room when selecting your medallion. For small rooms, small medallions are the most suitable ones. Large rooms can accommodate large medallions. For a typical dining room with an 8-foot to 9-foot ceiling, a medallion that is 18 inches to 26 inches in diameter works well.

Medium Size Ceiling Medallions For Small Rooms

Here are some 18 inch to 26 inch diameter ceiling medallions for small rooms.

3) Old World 18-Inch Antique White Ceiling Medallion

ceiling molding medallionsThis is not a very common design today and not one easily found. It features an intricate swirl of leaf scrolls in a mold that is designed to give an antique finish and an old world charm. This ceiling medallion molding comes with a 4″ wide center opening. It is a product of Universal Lighting and Decor and can be bought here. If you are buying this keep in mind that it is heavier than others and also its underside is not flat but grooved all throughout which makes it more difficult to glue to the ceiling.

4) 24-Inch Emma Medallion

ceiling medallions
This photo is an excellent example of the artistic wonder you can get by painting one of the ceiling medallions shown here. This beautiful gold color painted medallion in the above photos actually a plain white 24-Inch Emma Medallion also from Focal Point. It is precisely because you can create such exquisite masterpieces you find that for more than 35 years now, America’s leading architects, designers and builders have turned to Focal Point for the piece de resistance, the crowning glory for their masterpieces. You can also paint and have such a masterpiece at your home. This medallion is for sale here.

5)  18-Inch Acanthus Medallion

decorative medallions

This is a 18-Inch Acanthus Medallion with a 5-inch canopy opening from Focal Point. The detail here is exquisite. However be aware that the 18″ diameter is measured from the tips of the 4 points (that stick out) – the rest of the medallion is about 1.5″ smaller, so the actual diameter for the circle is 16.5″. You can buy this now here.

6) 26-Inch Lille Medallion

small ceiling medallionThis is another beautiful ceiling medallion from Focal Point. It is 26-Inch in diameter and called the Lille Medallion. It’s got a 5-inch canopy opening in the middle and is primed and ready for painting or staining. Click here if you want to get this now.

7) 28-Inch Benson Classic Ceiling Medallion

decorative ceiling molding

This is a medallion that’s molded after original historical ceiling molding patterns and designs by Their medallions are light weight for easy installation and are fully primed and ready for your paint. I expect this to be the same. This one is for sale at

8) Ironwork Look Round Parisian Scroll 16-Inch-Diameter Medallion

westinghouse ceiling medallions

This looks like a different type of medallion doesn’t it? It is made in such a way as to give a look like cast ironwork grilling. Though it looks like ironwork its a 16-inch diameter Polyurethane ceiling medallion by Westinghouse lighting. The intricate design makes this medallion a versatile work of art. Here is the link to where you can buy this one.

 9) Classic Valencia Bronze 24″ Wide Ceiling Medallion

ceiling medallion

This is another 24-inch diameter ceiling molding from Possini that looks great with its ready-made browns color finish. The leafy textured edging and a Valencia bronze finish will make this medallion a refined addition to any home. It is one inch thick and features a 4-inch center opening. It’s available now for sale here.

10) A Simple Ceiling Medallion By Focal Point

ceiling medallion decor

I think this medallion has got just the right amount of design and will suit most simple rooms. 24-inch diameter in size it has got a wide border decorated by half-egg shapes and short darts. It is a decorative accent that truly catches the eye. This piece comes in 5 different sizes. You can order them now through this link.

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