What Is A Murphy Bed?

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By Wuzna Jiffry

I was cleaning up my bedroom recently and noticed that I was in lack of space with too many things stacked together. This made me think of upgrading to a bed which is space-saving, such as a Murphy bed.

So, what is a Murphy bed? A Murphy bed is a kind of bed that can be hidden when not in use. Part of the Murphy bed is attached to the wall, or inside a closet or cabinet and could be folded down vertically, whenever required.

A Murphy bed has a lot of features which can be useful if you are looking out for options which are worth your money. You can upgrade your bedroom in this style to make the most out of the space and money which you have right at the moment.

Murphy Wall Beds & Murphy Cabinet Beds

A Murphy cabinet bed could be stored in a folded up position and would appear to be a closed cabinet at first glance. In Murphy wall bed, on the other hand, the whole bed could be lifted up and leaned against the wall and will appear like a wall cupboard or closet to the casual observer.

Murphy wall beds are larger than Murphy cabinet beds. Murphy wall beds are hinged to the wall and do not fold. They could also come with cabinets which are either attached to the sides of the bed or are attached to the walls. The number and size of the cabinets depend on the preference of the person using it.

Benefits of Murphy Beds

The major advantage of this kind of bed is that it opens up the space used by the bed. So it is ideal if you are running out of space in your bedroom. 

This type of bed can also be used in places such as an office, a studio apartment, a child’s bedroom or an open loft space. For example, in a hall or studio apartment, it allows you to hide the bed in plain sight as a cabinet or closet and use the space that was occupied by the bed at night as a open space during the daytime.

You can buy Murphy beds in home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes and even online through websites like Amazon, Wayfair.com or smaller furniture stores like Murphy Bed Company and The Bedder Way Company.

Are Murphy Beds Comfortable?

A Murphy bed has a metal frame in it. The mattress sits on top of this metal frame and could cause some discomfort if a thin mattress is selected. The best is to use a medium to thick mattress on top of it to feel comfortable.

The comfort of the Murphy bed depends a lot on the type and quality of the mattress you buy to use with it. So make sure that you select a good one in order to have a comfortable nap on it.

What is the size of a Murphy bed?

Murphy beds come in many dimensions and depend on the type of bed too. There are two types of Murphy beds which are vertical Murphy beds and horizontal Murphy beds.

If your room has ample height from floor to ceiling, your best bet is to use a vertical Murphy bed. If your room has a lower ceiling, then perhaps it is best to use a horizontal Murphy bed in order to make use of the space available to you.

Each of these types of Murphy beds has sizes such as Twin, XL Twin, Full/ Double, and Queen. 

How much space do you need for a Murphy bed?

When folded up and not in use Murphy beds take up very little space. When the bed is folded out into a spreading bed then it will take up the space depending on the bed size like a queen or twin bed size etc. Murphy beds can be bought according to the above-mentioned sizes.

At times, when the bed is not being used, it can be folded up and the available space could be used for something else, such as to keep a table or a piece of furniture which could be moved along when needed.

As long as you have the area to fit it in such a space, it would be fine to get one for you to use. It is a great choice for places which have a very small area or multipurpose uses.

How easy is it to fold up and fold down?

A murphy bed consists of a metal frame with the mattress on top of it. When folding, there is no need to fold the mattress. The bed along with the mattress could be simply pushed up towards the wall. It would look just as if there is a wall cabinet in the same place.

Folding up a Murphy bed is very simple and does not take much time or an effort. It is built in a way which makes it light and easy to fold soon. This is a good feature in it as it would be needed to be folded at least once or quite a few times within a day, depending on how the space being used for various other things.

The frame of this type of bed is very well balanced and spring loaded. So it is very easy to fold up and take down in a matter of a few seconds.

What kind of mattress do I need for a Murphy bed?

A Murphy bed needs a comfortable mattress to be used for it as the metal frame could cause discomfort to the sleeper. Here are a few key features you need to look out for when buying a mattress for your Murphy bed.

Support Type

Murphy beds do not come with a box spring, which means that all of the comforts should come through the mattress. So it is important to select a mattress with the best type of support according to your needs and preference.


The thickness would depend on the type of space you have to fit the bed when it is not in use. It is better to go for a medium to thick mattress type as you would feel more comfortable this way.


This depends on each person as some people might prefer firmer mattresses over the other. But, it is best to go for a mattress with medium firmness. This kind of mattress will most likely provide you with the best support and protection from lower back pain which is a common problem in existence today.

Note: Most Murphy beds are built to accommodate a different kind of mattress than a traditional box spring. It is thinner and usually made of synthetic materials which are known to offer amazing support while taking up very less space as a whole.

How much does a Murphy bed cost?

The cost of a Murphy bed depends on the system used, the size of it, additional shelving and cabinets and who will install it. You can buy a simple Murphy bed for around $2,500. A more customized version of it will cost you starting from around $5,000.

You can buy Murphy beds from home improvement stores, physically or order them via online. Generally, I have noticed online stores have a greater selection choice than local stores. If you are buying online, Amazon is a great place to look out for a lot of varying selections when it comes to Murphy beds.

Related Questions:

How often do you need to fold up a Murphy bed?

A Murphy bed would need to be folded up on a daily basis in order to use the space it lies in. If the extra space is not needed daily, then the bed could be left folded down until the need for space comes up.

Murphy Bed vs. Sofa Bed

A sofa bed converts a couch into a bed and vice versa whereas a Murphy bed is a foldable bed which converts into a cabinet when not in use. Both are different types of concealing furniture.

Murphy Bed vs. Wall Bed

A Murphy bed is a specific type of a wall bed.

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