Elegant White Faux Leather Couch

Looking to refurbish your home? How about a white faux leather couch for your living room to add a touch of elegance and beauty?

The white faux leather couch

A simple and elegant decor is what suits a stylish living room. This beautiful white faux leather couch will add a touch of elegance, style and beauty to your living room.

Features at a glance

  • Product Dimension: 106 x 77 x 33 incheswhite faux leather couch
  • A two piece couch with an adjustable arm rest and back support.
  • There is an interlocking metal device that is used to keep the sofa and chaise tight-fitted together.
  • The seats are filled comfort foam while the leather is soft to touch.

How good is it?

white faux leather couchThe white faux leather couch is really good because all the material used are high in quality. You don’t feel any springs under the couch. The back rest is comfortable and the  couch does not sink in when you sit but is extremely firm.

The head rest is comfortable for a short nap in the couch. The couch can be separated if you intend to place the couch in 2 different areas.

Can you clean the couch?

The white faux leather couch is easy to clean. So you can moisten a piece of cloth and clean the couch.

What are the disadvantages?

Though most customers claim that the color is white some customers do claim that it is not exactly pure white but looks to be a very light cream color.

According to online reviews customer who bought this white-faux-leather-couch-dimensionsare highly satisfied with the product and claim that the couch is worth the price. However there are some customers who claim that their couch was damaged while shipping when they received it. That’s where advantage of buying from a online store like Amazon comes in. On popular retail website like that you can rectify a online purchase damage like this by requesting for a new one and it will be replaced.

You will need to assemble the couch – but don’t worry along with this couch comes all the equipment that you need to assemble it.

Where can I get the best deal?

We recommend Amazon. It’s often gives good discount and thousands of online furniture shopper prefer it to a small proprietory store website. Plus due to competition you often get higher discounts on popular online retail stores that’s not there on smaller sites.


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