White Kitchen Pantry Cabinet To Store And Organize The Kitchen

A pantry cabinet is a must! Do you agree with me? I have realized the value of a pantry cabinet by living in a home without them. You just don’t have space, everywhere seems cluttered and the kitchen is really a mess. A pantry can really be a reliever and bring us to the mood to start work. The neatness it brings is just amazing.

I love white decor and that’s what I was browsing a white pantry just like my white bathroom vanities, I came across some real beauties and thought to share with you the best one I found!

Prepac Elite Collection 32-Inch Storage Cabinet

Measuring 16 x 32 x 65 inches this cabinet is designed to hold a large amount of things much more than a typical storage cabinet. It sure is going to will help you put away all those things you don’t want your guest to see. I have reviewed only one cabinet, but you can purchase the complete set if you are looking for a complete pantry cabinet. Just look how beautiful the complete cabinet set in white looks:

I just love the beauty of this complete set. Anyway getting back to the 32-inch cabinet, it is made in Vancouver North America, what a relief to get away from Chinese products! It is sturdy built and comes with a 5-year warranty. The classy look is sure to enhance the complete outlook of your kitchen

The cabinet features a 5/8-inch thick laminate composite wood construction with white melamine double doors. Equipped with three shelves, the cabinet’s center shelf is fixed while the other two shelves adjust to accommodate various storage needs. The shelves’ 16-inch depth affords the cabinet 34-percent more storage than typical storage cabinets. By pulling on the discreet metal handles, the two cabinet doors swing open and they have a six-way European-style hinges. Soft edges on the doors reduce injury potential. For further storage, Prepac offers a matching 32-inch topper for installation on top of this cabinet.

A clean-looking cabinet that has earned a 4.5/5 star rating from customers can be used to put away all the electronic appliances, bowls, dishes and even food items. Won’t it be just perfect to have a clean and neat counter top. Just remember a damp cloth will suffice for cleaning this cabinet.

Get this cabinet for a discounted price from Amazon now! And save yourself from a messy kitchen.


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