Vinyl Wood Flooring Tile Pieces Brings Nature Home

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Wood a beautiful product of nature looks just AWESOME when used as tiles. The beautiful color and texture of wood brings feelings of – Calmness, tranquility, serenity and peace. Wood Tile Flooring creates this effect wherever you use it.

From the days of the old up to today wood has played a major role in beautifying our homes. So let me now tell you about the wood tile flooring that I found on Amazon.

Stick-on Vinyl Wood Tile Flooring

Are you considering both the price and look of the product? Do you love to have a magnificent looking floor? But your budget is limited? Thenwood tile flooring the 45 Pieces 12X12 Vinyl Stick-On Tiles would be a perfect choice. These are great Vinyl wood flooring tile pieces worth checkout more.

About the Product

When you purchase the product you get – 45 Pieces of  12X12 Vinyl Stick-On Tiles and 2″ Red Oak Wood Planks. This would bring a traditional look in to the home. The nature’s beauty is not without its own elegance mind you! These tiles are versatile and durable. This means that they are designed to last for many years!

Cleaning the wood tile flooring

Cleaning – isn’t that a main cause of concern for many of us! Well you won’t need to worry much about the cleaning aspect in this product because these tiles are easy to maintain. They have no wax finish, this means that clean up can be done in a cinch!


So how are you going to maintain these wood tile flooring? And what should you do when it loses its shine? For the purpose of maintenance it is recommended to do regular sweeping or vacuuming to eliminate dust.

Occasionally a damp mop with warm water can be used. If the tiles are placed on areas where the family moves about regularly then it would naturally lose its shine! Well that’s not a reason to panic! All you need to do is apply the vinyl floor dressing!


Is this wood tile flooring your choice? Then purchase NOW! Let us know what you feel and think about these tiles by leaving your comments below!

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